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24 July 2010


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Pamela Picard

Very insightful. Thank you.


Good friends of mine who are ALWAYS struggling with weight issues came over for dinner last night. They said I could provide veggies but they would bring their own meat because they are on Nutrisystem.

One of the entrees they brought was a "grilled beef patty" that comes room temp in a box, listed high fructose corn syrup as ingredient #2 (I guess we should thank god that beef was #1) and is prepared by sitting in a bath of boiling water for 2 minutes before eating. Sort of like one of those sponges that you put in water so it can become usable. All this rather than letting me make them a small beef patty on my grill, from organic beef, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices. They want the pill, I guess, not real food. After claiming that this beef "wasn't bad" they said they need this "system" for portion control.

Please hit me upside the head if I start eating beef out of a box with HFCS added to it!


I had a love/hate relationship with food ever since I was a teenager and I've had a similar experience as you did. In my case it was TV chef Jamie Oliver who was able to bring back the love and respect for good food for me. I've seen all his TV shows and I've got all his cook books and his sheer enthusiasm for cooking good food and using organic produce has taught me to no longer fear food, but to celebrate and enjoy it.

I've been cooking his recipes for a while now and have been able to maintain my weight and I'm feeling healthier and more energetic than I ever did. He may be viewed by some as pushy with regard to his campaigns to reform people's eating habits and others may not like his exuberant style in general, but I think he's a genius with food and I'll always be grateful for what he did for me.

I now enjoy cooking for myself and inviting people over for dinner. I get pleasure from the entire process, from shopping for the right ingredients to creating beautiful dishes in a relaxed and confident manner and savoring the wonderful end result. For the first time in my life, food is no longer something to feel guilty about or to be anxious over but a pure joy.

Cindy  Steinle

It's Alton Brown for me. He explains the science and history of foods. His show is like a kids science show I grew up on but is aimed at adults who are afraid to try new things. Mixing in random facts as well as humor he makes food seem fun.

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