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20 July 2010


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Joani Schofield

excellent advice! When my dog was a puppy I would get so frustrated because I wanted to control her and that just doesn't work. When I learned to work with her and her instincts and natural behaviors, we were both a lot happier!

Gina Spadafori

Lizzie rocks. I would go work with her at Kindred Spirits in a heartbeat. (And the fact that it's in San Diego County wouldn't hurt.)


I was doing just fine with teaching my puppies stuff untill I got one that was to afraid of her own shodow to come out from under the table so I could teach her. Glad that part's over with although she still won't eat when I'm around.


People have to start somewhere, though, and I'd rather bet on someone who at least bought a book.

But of course there are all those people who bought books about "reading" your dog, memorized a half-dozen still shots of dramatic dog expressions, and yet still haven't taken the step of looking at the dog over time and matching what the dog looked like then with what happened next.

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