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27 July 2010


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Mary Mary

What amazes me is that, with all the animals I've had through my home and all the email and phone and on-site consults I do for rabbit training (six in the past three days), I NEVER dream about them!

David S. Greene

Cami and Harry are often present in, and even the subjects of my dreams (and my wife's, too, she's told me). Dogs I've known and loved previously sometimes make special cameo appearances as well. It's like a never-ending loop tape of important souls walking in and out of my subconscious.

On an unrelated note, the picture you used in this post? It's totally creeping me out. Seriously, if that picture gives rise to a nightmare tonight, I am SO blaming you.


Like Christie, I do have stress dreams about my dogs. Sometimes past dogs are included, sometimes not. What is a common thread is trying to recall/collect all of them and get them to safety from whatever is threatening us. Sometimes the threat is tangible, sometimes it's supernatural, often it's unseen in the dream. The worst is when I am attacking the perceived threat in my dream, and find it to be my Sirius! He likes to sleep as close to me as possible, in spite of the risks. Yes. I sleep with dogs. Six (6) to be precise.


I almost never have my pets in my dreams, but I frequently have animals. Oftentimes the animals are injured, or in need of one thing or another, and I'm stressed out trying to take care of them/get their needs met.

No rest for the wicked, I suppose...

Christie Keith

Deb, sounds like you and me have VERY similar dreams!

Kim Thornton

I don't usually remember my dreams, but one I've had more than once is of the dogs getting loose and running down a busy street, or one of them doing that and me having to decide what to do with Bella while I go chase down the escapee (even though Bella hasn't been on a walk near the street in months).

David S. Greene

I dreamt about greyhounds and corgis last night. I've never owned a corgi or a greyhound in my life, though my wife once had a greyhound mix and corgis are my dad's favorite breed, so I'm sure there's something Freudian afoot.

Gina Spadafori

That picture is squicking me out. I will have to write a post as soon as I'm off deadline just to bump it down. :)

Christie Keith

OMG Simba, I used to dream that my koi in my pond at my old house were starving or out of water or I'd forgotten about the pond... I forgot that!


It means it's time to start working on that novel!

I have horrible night mares. I usually don't remember them, but when I do, the dogs are always involved, both current dogs and former dogs. Sometimes other animals too.


I don't have animals in my dreams. Odd, because I remember my dreams and it seems like there should be animals in them. I do have 26 living with me (not including hubby and kids.) hmmm... maybe my brain needs a break at night from the pets.

Mary Mary

I had a pet-sitting business for years. I would move in while people travelled.

I was haunted for a long time with nightmares that I'd forgotten about the dogs. It was Thursday and I was showing up to care for the dogs but I was supposed to have moved in the previous weekend ... I'm walking up to the door, afraid of what will be inside ...


When I was a kid I dreamt about my pets all the time- mostly nightmares. The dog had been taken away and replaced by a different, lighter-coloured dog, and no-one but me noticed so I had to go find him. The goldfish was on the floor flopping around and there was no water in the house- all that kind of stuff.

Tina Clark

My dogs are often in my dreams, sometimes they are in trouble and I have to save them, sometimes they're just there. Once I had a lucid dream (I knew I was dreaming and could decide what I wanted to do) and I decided to jump out the window and fly. My dog Lucy wanted to go, so I took her with me, but she didn't realize she could fly and I had to keep holding her up, which interfered with my flying. I made a mental note not to take Lucy with me the next time I decided to fly in a dream.

Mary, I am a pet sitter and have the same type of dream. It's horrible.


I've had dreams only of my very first dog. It's always at night and we are on the front porch and there's some type of danger lurking but I never know exactly what it is or if I do, I wake and can't remember.


A lot of nights I spend my dreamtime looking for lost cats I own or seeing other cats who need attention.

When I am especially overwhelmed, I will dream of having tanks of fish with the tops open. The fish will get out of the tank and go all over the place.

I did have a strange dream the other night. I dreamt I was considering buying fur (which I would never do in reality). I woke up to find my cat sleeping on top of me with her tail in my face--almost up my nose.

H. Houlahan

Dogs who have passed on feature more often in my dreams than the ones who I'm nudging over for bed space. We often have conversations in those dreams, but they are not much different from the fine conversations we had in life. Mel is often present.

I once had an anxiety dream about Lilly not coming when she was called that left me unhinged for weeks.

It was just about inconceivable that she would do that. It was the worst my unconscious could come up with. Seriously, this dream still bothers me 19 years later.

Dogs-in-peril dreams seem to come after difficult lost person searches, especially for a child or dependent person. Not much mystery there.

Karen Burt

I just had a dream that my pet rabbit shrunk in size and passed away,then i found a similar rabbit in a box!its reall creeping me out !

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