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18 July 2010


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I'm just happy to see him on holiday with them. Too many presidential animals seem more like photo props than proper pets.


"Because most lakes in the park are public water supplies, pets (and people) may not swim in them. The two swimming beaches (Sand Beach and Echo Lake) are also off-limits to pets from May 15 to September 15." Acadia Nat'l Park Official Website. That would let out Jordan Pond, though I think you can bring your dog to the Pond House( on a 6' lead or shorter per Park rules).

Thunder Hole is not mentioned, but anyone would be a damned fool to let their dog swim there, and while most of the shore line is not the tourist mecca that feature is, it's steep, rough and nasty. As David said, the water is very cold and the currents surrounding the ocean side of the island are strong. As for more protected areas like Pretty Marsh, doubtful dogs are allowed on the beach there from May until Sept, either. Privately owned beach accesses are mostly in the hands of wealthy out of staters of the other political persuasion. I think Bo's chances for a swim in the ocean are slim to none.

I'm curious who is responsible for Bo's poop bags. The Park rules stress owners are responsible for their pets' waste. It would be awesome if the Family took care of it themselves instead of a hireling. Lol.

Gina Spadafori

It would be character-building for the girls. S'posed to be THEIR dog, right? :)

Nancy Freedman-Smith

Just wondering...what are the odds that this is totally staged and Bo is watching a trainer just out of site. I was suprised that he is not on a leash, and that is what it looks like to me. I read he came on a sperate plane to.

Nancy Freedman-Smith

I take that back, I see the leash now. Drat you old eyes!


Embiggen??? Snort. So THAT'S what I'm doing to myself when I down a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's.

Gina Spadafori

I'd like to see Bo swimming. What's a vacation for a water dog without some water time!

David S. Greene

The water up there is COLD. On the Maine coast, especially way downeast on MDI where the First Family is (our favorite vacation spot in the Lower 48), the water gets well over 100 feet in a hurry. Very little beach -- all rocky shores, and because of that the water is usually around 50-60 degrees. We might not get too many shots of Bo swimming. Even at Acadia's Jordan Pond, where swimming is usually prohibited, the max depth is over 150'. C-o-o-o-o-ld.

Gina Spadafori

Retrievers (I'm told by my Midwestern friends) consider any temperature of water above "ice" to be swimmable. I expect no less from the first dog.

Gina Spadafori

The Clintons seemed to be the only ones who got a dog for a prop only ... RIP, Buddy. The other presidents, at least in my lifetime (Ike forward) all seemed to really like their dogs. Especially the Kennedy family and the first President Bush. Some of the others seemed less *natural* around dogs, but still genuinely seemed to like them.

Katie Bruesewitz

Not yet convinced that Bo is not working at least part time as a photo prop:

David S. Greene

Could someone explain the insidious knee jerk reaction toward cynicism even extending to the First Family's DOG? C'mon, gang, the girls have a puppy. It's the most photographed family in the world. The girls get photographed, Bo gets photographed. To believe that somehow one dog is a stage prop capable of significantly shifting the focus and sympathies of the public toward the President, given all the other issues on his plate (military engagements, Congressional battles, the catastrophe in the Gulf, the economy and a Supreme Court nomination) ...that's worthy of tinfoil hat brigade paranoia, but really not the Pet Connection readership.

If someone out there is actually saying "Well, I hate his economic policies, I think the health care bill was unconstitutional, and overall he's doing a bad job but he has a cute dog so I guess on balance he's ok", that's just not a person who's opinions matter much to me. Nor, it seems to me, should it to you. The man has a dog. Let's not ascribe greater motives to it than you and I having a dog, ok?


@Katie EVERYONE in the Presidential household gets used as a photo prop from time to time, including the President himself. Photo-ops are a part of the business of politics.


If we weren't seeing somewhat regular pictures of Bo, we'd be getting overheated speculation about him having been "disappeared" for reasons reflecting badly on the elder Obamas, the younger Obamas, the dog, or all of the above.

Because we do see somewhat regular pictures of him, clearly he's just a political prop and not a real pet.


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