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20 July 2010


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David S Greene

THIS is why it sucks that my friends all live so far away. Because what I'd do is march in, crank Leonard Cohen's Everybody Knows (sure it's a sort of bitter tune, but I think it would do the trick) and feed you dark chocolate until you revved back up again to a workable RPM level, then take Rawley out for a walk so you could be productive without distraction. Kyrie would stay, so that someone's around to keep an eye on you, just in case.

Cindy and the bullies.

SOOOO many hugs as I know what is going on...

Pamela Picard

Food for thought: "Stress is who you think you should be; relaxation is who you are."


This is why I work a 9-5 type job. They don't want to pay o/t so they shove you out the door. I swear it is all tied to willpower. The person who can come up with it in pill form will be a billionaire by the end of the 1st week. We'd all be taking it and be on our diets, and exercising and telling ourselves stop or go when we need to stop or go. Ranting about it when I should be in bed so I can get up at dawns early crack to go to that job. But hey - I gotta get caught up on my school work, emails and reading. hhmmmm

Ark Lady

*Sigh* Been there done that and I just can send good thoughts.

I now make myself stop and go out for a stroll--no matter what.

Usually it is sometime after the morning mission and before the afternoon downhill slope.

Always grounding and mind clearing.

I think the problem is that you forgot to refill the emergency kit when you got back from vacation.

Replenish the dark chocolate for sure--and fill in the rest with those other essentials!

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