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09 June 2010


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Sandi K

And unlike most of the other recalls, or withdrawals or call-backs I have seen, they dont say they have had no reports of illness. While I commend them for the recall, still gotta wonder where the heck is the quality control with these companies that should have caught this before the food was put on shelves for people to buy.

Sandi K

Gina, Iams contacted PetConnection personally to tell them about the recall?

Gina Spadafori

E-mail, yes. Props to them for not doing the proverbial "dump and run" release on a Friday night. Also, they're pretty clear about what the signs might be of related illness.

Sandi K

Wow, I am impressed that they did that! It doesnt seem like too many pet food companies do that......

Gina Spadafori

Although you can't possibly say I'm happy about a product recall, I can tell you from 2007 that Iams was stand-up about it then, and remains so.

And remember, we reported then that Iams triggered the recall, by telling Menu in no uncertain terms that if Menu didn't recall, Iams WOULD.

Everything went pretty nuts after that.

Sandi K

Yes I remember that well Gina. I do agree, I like that they are calling this what it is, a recall...instead of using some other vague words to describe a recall like other companies have done. I also like that they have linked it to their front page and have put it out in an AP notice and even contacted PetConnection about it. I agree, I hate that there is any recall but I have to say that this is one of the best handled ones Ive seen so far. I just hope there are no sick kitties from it and if there are, they can get treatment in time.


Really wish that candy companies, soap companies, and toothpaste companies would quit the pet food business.

Pet food should be made by those who are serious about pets and pet food, IMO.

Original Lori

I'm not as up to date on the recall stuff as a lot here are. I have to think, though, that it would be much easier to stop this kind of recall from happening in the first place than some sort of contaminant making it's way into a factory. Don't they test their mixes? I don't get it!


well if they didn't keep trying to cut corners and reward their executives for keeping costs down at the expense of quality, maybe they would actually (gasp) produce food that was healthy to eat and not have all these recalls!

Sandi K

I was thinking tonight and Im still not understanding this thiamine deficiency thing. Diamond had their recall of dry cat food for thiamine deficiency and now Iams with wet cat food. Why is there a problem with thiamine and not some other mineral? And why do we now have two pet food companies with thiamine deficiency? I wish if P&G is reading here, they could help us understand more on why this has happened again. & what they are doing to see that it doesnt happen again.....

Susan Fox

Isn't China the biggest supplier of vitamins? I remember reading that somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there is only one vitamin supply (people and animal vitamins coming from the same sources in China) same as there is only one food supply here.

H. Houlahan

Yeah, the premix is the unstable link in the chain for my farm-animal feed, which I have milled locally.

I haven't found a way around it.


It's true that a lot of vitamin premixes for the animal feed/pet food industry are made overseas (lots in Thailand). But these premix companies usually have facilities and offices in the USA as well. Globally, there are only really four big companies supplying vitamin premixes to the pet industry: DSM, Nutreco, Provimi and Evialis.

But it gets confusing because they'll often have or be subsidiaries. Like Nutreco which owns Trouw Nutrition. Trouw is the company that made the premix involved in the Nutro recall last year.

Interestingly, the current Quality Assurance & Feed Safety Manager at Trouw Nutrition is also currently employed by P&G Petcare in a similar position.

It's hard to know for sure which company manufactured the thiamine-deficient premix for P&G but it seems like it would be found in other pet foods since the premix industry is dominated by only a few manufacturers worldwide.


Yes, I remember three years ago also. What a time it was...not knowing what was safe, or what would kill our pets. It was like playing "Russian Roulette." And then wondering if it had made its way into human food. It was awful.

I have forwarded the info on this recall to everyone I know that could be affected, and asked them to forward to their friends.

At least IAMS has not tried to hide this, I give them credit for that.

Many thanks to Pet Connection for continuing to keep us informed.


I wonder this "thiamine deficiency" could be related to complaints about other P&G/Iams products?


I just poured a bag of dry food into my cat food bin. In the bottom of the bag was a 1 oz. trial sample can of IAMS wet food 1/2012. I bought the Iams dry food at Petsmart yesterday.

Gina or Christie- does IAMS know they have these trials out there in dry food bags?


p.s. it was the chicken PATE'

Gina Spadafori

They do know ... it's just almost impossible to get all this stuff pulled. That's why getting the word out is so essential.

Sandi K

It is impossible to get all the stuff pulled which leads me to wonder why they werent testing the thiamine levels in their food. Considering Diamond had a recall for the same problem last year in their dry food, you would think it would be on the radar for other PFC's to check for. I know there will be recalls and not everything can be caught, but this wasnt an unheard of problem. I would like to know why this is a problem, now with 2 different companies, and where they are getting their vitamin pre-mixes from.

Sandi K

Another reason why these recalls are a problem, I was actually able to purchase recalled Iams wet cat food today. Ever since 2007, I check to make sure the stores I visit have all recalled food off the shelves. Well they didnt. I notified the manager and will be contacting Iams tomorrow. This was a big box store too so Im surprised they didnt have it punched into their system to generate a notice. I encourage people, if possible, to double-checks store shelves when you are out and about to make sure there is no recalled food still remaining.

Sandi K

I forgot to say too that this store was aware of the recall because initially they had all the food off the shelf. But for some reason, someone put it back later. Not good.

maureen H

My gripe is why wasn't there something put in local papers or on the news like the 2007 recall. Because most animal care givers buy in bulk, so how are we to know. I didn't until I went to my petstore. The other issue is the 3 stores I went in, yes they'd taken the cans off the shelves but didn't put up a sign stating why. I had to go on the internet to discover the whys.

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