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19 June 2010


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Gina Spadafori

Is he ... TOUCHING HER? Wow.


Awwwww... just a fluke, or is the "big sister" attitude kicking in?

Regardless, beautiful picture of the two of them.

David S. Greene

Whoa!! Is Kyrie feeling ok?

Christie Keith

Her foot is stuck under him!!!! I can't even wrap my brain around this...


Kyrie has that woe-is-me look of a big sister.

"You always let him eat all the cookies!"

Christie Keith

Marge, she didn't actually get that look until I got out the camera, LOL!

Christie Keith

Our spam filter seems to be on steroids lately... lots of regulars getting stuck in it. We're liberating as fast as we can... sorry about that!

Erich Riesenberg

I find dogs on a bed hard to pass up without a brief nap.

Susan Fox

I'm at the Marin Art Festival this weekend, which allows dogs on leash. This afternoon, a lady walked by my space with a white six year old borzoi. What a mellow, fabulously beautiful dog. I told her to check out your column on SFGate because you have a borzoi named Kyrie. :0).

I suspect the Kyrie is making Rawley earn his way into her good graces. Who was there on the bed first?

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