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22 June 2010


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Deb Moulton

I don't know why the more erudite than I have chosen not to express themselves over this video. This is not how I remember the events of the pet food debacle, and the vid makes me want to run to the toilet and hurl. The twisting of the facts makes me totally nauseous.


Could she have downplayed Menu's criminal behavior more? Could she have ignored the injury and death toll to pets more? Could she have ignored outside research more? Hideous woman! Excuse me, I have to go throw up!


I don't know...I guess I just don't want to hear it.

I can imagine how it is, after what we went through with them at the time.


I just can't make myself listen to this. I know I will just get angry all over again & I'm not in a state of mind to handle that right now.

Maybe in time.......







I agree

Me too!


Cannot watch the whole thing. Lost three cats to kidney failure during that time. The cover up on this story should have been headline news. Thank God it wasn't baby formula, but then of course someone might have looked into it. I still miss my KC, Piglet, and Mia, all taken too young (except KC she was 17). My one cat that refuses to eat wet food is still with me. Hopefully there are better methods in place to prevent this from ever happening again.

Carol V

I watched it..wasn't surprised by the monotone audio...and wondered why the details of how this was allowed to be in the food in the first place...and how it went "un-noticed" by the manufacturers for so many months...I sadly think then and still now that we are in serious trouble with our food supply...I do not believe there has been any change to really prevent this from happening again--deliberate or accidental..Just look at any of the recalls, sorry I mean "voluntary recalls"---barf barf--and see the dates of the products being recalled...

I said back in 2007 while watching Sen Byrd at the Congressional Hearings of the recall that until someone who "gets it" like he did--nothing will change...I thought of him this am while learning of his passing--and tears ran down my cheeks at the memory of watching tv that day when he was expressing his heartfelt sadness at the possiblity of the loss of his beloved pup due to feeding him..He said he couldn't imagine that loss...Sadly now we have his loss..I will never forget that day..

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