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26 June 2010


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David S. Greene

Have a wonderful, relaxing, fun, lazy time! You have SO earned it.


Get gone and don't look back for three weeks.

No cell phone, no computer, but do take a camera.

Find a house without a number on a road without a name.

And when you get back, everyone you love will be waiting. Three weeks without the din of civilization is the antidote to quite a lot. I know; I need it myself, like parched ground needs rain. Have fun!


Gina Spadafori

You deserve it, Christie!

We'll be a little light on the blogging and social media for the next couple weeks, but it's summer, so we all should be enjoying the days outside anyway. :)


It sounds wonderful, Christie. Enjoy!


Have a wonderful time, Christie!

Mary Eisenhart

Have a wonderful one.


Bliss. I hope you get you some of that.


enjoy! you're so lucky.

Ingrid King

Have a wonderful vacation. Unplanned vacations are the best kind.


Christie, your new deerhound will not let boredom sink in, that's for sure.

I am sure you will find plenty of fun and rewarding activities--wishing you plenty of good times in the next two weeks and beyond.

Gina Spadafori

Oh. and by the way ... it's still fun to visit San Francisco, so as long as you keep moving to places I like to visit, we're cool.

Leslie K

Have a great time Christie !


With all the changes in your life recently, Christie, you deserve time off. Enjoy.


Turn it all off and then don't look back!

H. Houlahan

Don't you dare drop in! Cut the cable.

Christie Keith

LOL, well, maybe I won't drop in! I don't know. But I do know everyone's warm wishes... even Gina's, who I know is ready to haul me back by my hair... mean the world to me. THANK YOU, everyone!

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