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09 June 2010


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David S. Greene

I remain less than optimistic that anything will change substantively at FDA until and unless another enormous and terribly tragic event happens.

The report just issued will be a footnote. It'll be a handy example of "see? SEE?", but little more. Sorry I'm so cynical, but I'd posit that I'm probably correct, too.


Mandatory recall power given to the FDA--isn't that what we all have been screaming for and hasn't yet happened?

May I live long enough to see the day that the FDA can recall poisoned and substandard food including meats and fish. What a miracle that would be, Christie!

Christie Keith

We certainly have been hollering about it here, Evelyn!

Carol V

Little did I know that what I was going thru 3 yrs ago with the FDA could still happen today..and not with just a "pet food" issue...Sad ..sad..and sad...

(Reminder to some... when I called the FDA on the emergency line on March 18, 2007 to let them know I had two cats with one still in intensive care and both with acute renal failure and with a bunch of recalled food thinking they might be interested since there were only "isolated" cases of this---the operator told me pet food was not an FDA there I sat at 5 am with the phone to my ear and hearing on the TV to call the FDA if affected...)

H. Houlahan

Having just discovered* that it is perfectly legal to process food at an undisclosed, super-sekrit location and tell one's customers to get bent when they ask -- gee, I'm just (yawn) shocked that the Congress is at least three years behind the rest of the world on grokking this fact.

*Yeah, it's still possible to appall me, though maybe not surprise me any longer.


I have only one response:



I can't help but wonder whether a new "focus on prevention" will result in expensive, bureaucratic regulations that large scale operations will be able to afford, but which will achieve little and cost a great deal in the case of small, local farms. (Though I do think small, local farms need to keep their wits about them when it comes to food safety!)

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