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18 May 2010


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My cat loves to get on top of my chest and knead me. Ouch! However, I put a blanket between us and keep her claws on the short side, thanks to my daughter's expert claw-snipping.

I would prefer an acupuncture needle any day to my cat kneading me on naked skin.

Although I would not attempt to solve this mystery, I do know that cats can recognize the sound of a familiar car engine. I have seen the cats jump up on the window a minute or two before someone they know has come down the driveway.

Good story, and I enjoyed reading it.

Ingrid King

Love this article (and I had to smile at your comment about the mysterious cat thing being blown out of proportion - spoken like a true dog person :-)!)

I've had a similar experience with acupuncture for a sinus infection - one treatment was more effective than days of sinus medications, and put an almost instant end to my misery.

I'm with Kelly on his interpretation of Jezebel's fascination with the acupuncture needles :-)

Christie Keith

Evelyn, Kelly took the bus, so it wasn't his car.... and Jezebel reacted that way the first time he came, too.


Jezebel was truly an amazing cat!

Acupuncture can be amazing, also, curing or alleviating certain maladies while relaxing the patient. Whenever I have had such treatment, I almost fall asleep.

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