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13 May 2010


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Cindy Steinle

ALL of mine are lazy to get up. Thankfully all are older with the youngest being 3 years so all settle nicely in the evening as well.


Lucky you. Izzy, Flat-coat, wakes me 1/2 hour before the alarm and she doesn't have a snooze button. And, if it is the weekend 6:30 is the standard "sleep in" time for them. I think I need a Deerhound.


My first husky was a lark - he would watch me and if I opened my eyes, it was all over - he'd be on the bed licking me. If I slept in, he would go outside and prowl around for awhile, but he would finally get fed up and stand outside the bedroom window and "talk".

My second husky was a combination of both. He never stayed up any later than me and often he would go to bed earlier. In the summer, he would get up early with me. But in the winter, he liked snuggling and sleeping in. He would sleep as late as I would, and when I got up early up for work, he would stay in bed until I was done getting ready before he'd roll out.

Gina Spadafori

I think you need FayBee to visit for a while.


Count yourself lucky that if you can get him to go to sleep, he sleeps all night. My previous dogs have always slept through the night with no problem. However, my 5 year old shih tzu has always gotten me up at least once a night and sometimes two or three times to go pee. Now he has my other two trained as well!! They also never let me sleep past 7:00 am.


FayBee could teach him all sorts of stuff. LOL

Gina Spadafori

Well, a recall, for one thing. :)

:::Ducking, running ::::


My min pin sleeps all day and night but is on a hair trigger in the a.m. hours...like, say 3 a.m.

The slightest shift will send him stomping around and up to my pillow to get me up. Unless its chilly, he doesn't care about sleeping in.


I am a morning person and so is my little dog. Now my husband is a night owl and his dog is the same way. I often wonder if the dogs had attached to the other person if that would have effected their sleeping/waking preferences.


FayBee could teach him all sorts of stuff. LOL

Well, a recall, for one thing. :)

:::Ducking, running ::::

Comment by Gina Spadafori — May 13, 2010 @ 2:00 pm

OOOh Gina, that was cruel !! :0)

Gina Spadafori

Yes, and very risky on my part, since I'll be in SF on Saturday and Christie is cutting my hair. Revenge could be ugly!

Christie Keith

Hope you're feeling the crew-cut love, Gina.


I have two mixed breed dogs (sisters) that are on totally different schedules. One of them is alert and bright in the morning, but in the afternoon she completely slows down. However, the other one is opposite. She naps all morning, but in the evening, she's raring to go!

Mike Copper

I've two dogs, Wally an 17 month old Australian Shepard, Dottie a 7 year German Short hair, and both are night owls. Fortunately, we live together on a mountain where they come and go at will. I finally put in a dogie door, so they would not wake me in the wee early morning hours.


Pull a bowl out of the cupboard for the right cut for Gina. LOL


Yes, and very risky on my part, since I’ll be in SF on Saturday and Christie is cutting my hair. Revenge could be ugly!

Comment by Gina Spadafori — May 13, 2010 @ 3:39 pm

No sorry Gina, that was _stoopid_.

If somebody's gonna be weilding scissor to your locks, you'd better be polite !!

I WANT photos :))) (afterwards OF COURSE)

Original Lori

My boy is of the "if you're up, I'm up" attitude. I said to my mom the other day that if I decided to get up for a walk in the middle of the night he'd be all over it--but he'll also sleep sound all night long.

But in the morning, if I am starting to wake up but not ready to get out of bed, I'd better not move much and keep my eyes shut or there is a 60lb dog (with a 10ft tongue) sitting ON ME.


My dog Roxi sleeps on a poofy dog bed on the floor next to me.

She's pretty much an early to bed, late to wake up kind of gal.

My husband calls this lazy, I call it the good life & she chose to embrace it.

H. Houlahan

English shepherd motto: Mmmmm ... eiderdown.

Seriously, for such tough, all-weather dogs, they are awfully fond of sleeping in.

They tend to "stay up" late with me, if by "stay up" you mean "snooze near wherever I happen to be working." But they also do late-night critter patrol duty as needed. If I was a coyote looking for some KFC, I'd show up around 7 am for the best opportunities.

Rawley sounds like a teenage boy. Turns out that human teenagers' penchant for sleeping until noon is part of their mutant biology; parents will be forever doomed to the chore of flipping them bodily off the mattress. Rawley may outgrow this when he is done outgrowing his own torso.

Gina Spadafori

I see Rawley Deerhound tomorrow. I haven't seen him in a month. I am prepared to be utterly shocked by how rapidly a Deerhound puppy can grow.

Canine Kudzu, I tell you!


Gina, LOL you better Duck and Run...

Hey, Growing that fast probably takes so much energy, he needs his rest. More Rawley pictures! He is just adorable!


Canine Kudzu


that's funny


My lazy beagle boy will sleep (under the covers, mind you) through me getting up, showered, dressed, everything, until I come back to the bedroom to wake him from his snoring and tell him it's time for breakfast. Although, I also have to wake him up from his afternoon nap for dinner when I get home from work. And if I stay up past his bedtime he takes himself to (my) bed without me.

Rough life, huh? :)


Like Nydia, I've got a dog who values sleep almost above food. Oh, he's sprightly and happy when he's awake, but he's an 18-hour-a-day guy, and it'd better not start before 9am.

On the other hand, I have three cats who're up with the sun, pacing around the pillows and asking for breakfast. Go figure.


Gina and I were talking about this once. We decided retrievers were morning dogs. "Places to go, people to see, FOOD to EAT!" was Bailey's attitude at 5 a.m.

Fortunately I'm a lark too, so that worked out well.

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