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30 May 2010


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I had never heard of foursquare before. I think it sounds pretty cool. Getting out and about and find new awesome things or rediscovering old places i've forgotten about is one of my favorite past-times though, so this is like right up my alley. And the cartoon characters in the video are all so cute and look so happy. How could it not be great?

Christie Keith

EXACTLY, Haley! How could it not?


Like anything else, I think it depends how you use it. I have a friend who has been using it for some time, and I roll my eyes when I see his facebook entries, because he checks in, like, every time he goes potty. If where you are going or doing is even mildly interesting, great. Do I need to know you are at Starbucks again? Noooo.


As if to prove my point, he just "checked in" at the hardware store ACROSS THE STREET from the Starbucks. Sigh.

Christie Keith

LOL -- well, unless I have something pithy to say, I disable my check-ins so they don't go to Twitter and Facebook. But if someone's actually following me on FourSquare itself, I guess they can see ALL of them. Or at least, those I don't mark "private," which apparently you can also do.

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