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25 May 2010


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I'm remembering during the 2007 pet food recall when FDA said it had received hundreds of phone calls from pet owners and most all of them were not followed up on. When asked when they would be following up on the calls I believe FDA's response was something along the lines of "meh".

Liz Palika

Hmmm.....it sounds like it could potentially be good. Unfortunately I'm somewhat(?) jaded and skeptical. We'll see.

H. Houlahan

So, reports go in -- to where?

If the site included an unfiltered log so that citizens could see that reports were being filed, that would be one thing.

If they just spiral into a black hole -- that's another.

I report violators of the telephone DNC list to the FCC all the time. Have never heard a thing back, though a google search will show that the ones who call me are persistent violators.


"meh." Are you sure, YesBiscuit? I don't remember the FDA's response being that enthusiastic.


hehe, I guess that's my rose colored glasses version of *snore*.

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