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31 May 2010


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I don't it probably doesn't compare, but I had a frozen shoulder last year and there were a few times I sobbed over the pain. Insurance company refused to pay for more than 12 sessions of PT unless I had surgery, even though my doctor and orthopedist both thought I wouldn't need surgery if I continued PT. In the end, I got neither: I was sent off with a cortisone shot, and it helped a lot. But it still took almost a year for the shoulder to function at about 90%. I can't imagine how much worse a knee must be, since I could at least severely limit the use of the arm. Legs are both pretty necessary.

I'm sorry it's so hard right now for you.


I hear you, Christie. I am grateful every day that my ins. company paid for PT for me earlier this year, that helped me overcome pain that was keeping me from just doing simple walking for exercise. In my lifelong struggle with my weight and body image, I find injury to be one of the most difficult challenges to overcome (behind only my mind and its little games). I can be on a great roll, making progress and feeling motivated, and then BAM! some injury intrudes. It's virtually impossible for me to not get depressed and give up.

Right now I am doing water aerobics, stationary cycle, weights, and walking as my basic fitness plan. At this point I have some pain but nothing that prevents the movement I need to do those things.

I know it's hard for you, and I give you kudos for getting out there today to try and see what you can do, and how it feels. Best of luck.

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