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06 April 2010


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David S. Greene

I love the Rawley licking his chops picture. I don't think it's possible to have too many puppy pics.

Gina Spadafori

Super cute! When those two grow up they're going to make the earth shake when they play!


Oooooh. I'm in love!


-they’re going to make the earth shake when they play!- that was good~


Did Kyrie teach Rawley that *cool* kids HATE rain :)))

Speaking of the lovely Miss K how is she enjoying having a youngster to boss around ?

I must say I'm really impressed that even at his age you're able to let him off leash. Is he a WONDERPUP or what !!


Rain isn't good if it is falling into your inside out ear. LOL Don't you just love to watch puppies play?

Alena Mammana

that was sooooo cute it rally made me chuckle today!! It's amazing how puppies just make you smile and warm your heart! Thank you for sharing that Alena

Pamela Picard

Too cute. You may have discovered the remedy to "won't go pottie in the rain." Get another dog. LOL

Leslie K

Nothing makes a day better than puppy or kitten pix !

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