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25 April 2010


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David S. Greene

Another Rawley video! He is so stinkin' cute. Love him pawing at the Kong Wobbler...there might be a couple of those in Cami and Harry's future. Hoping that Trader Joe's "Charley Bears" treats would fit.

And the paper towel shredding deal? Cami does that too. She especially loves toilet paper, and any tissues in wastebaskets, so in our house, wastebaskets sit on counters, and toilet paper rolls aren't allowed on the nice holders we have, uh, had.


Hmmmm, in the ex-pen, what a great idea. I know if I gave this to Henry out with the other dogs, Navarre would take it from him, just cuz he can. Does it fit any size kibble? Rawley is so cute!


Love the pens....we had to buy several after our byb raid last summer...Will get the kong wobbler as the molecular balls we have had for years seem to be made of a thinner plastic and the kiddos are chewing the top off. These products from Kong last for years...til the lawn mower hits them.

H. Houlahan

OMG, you are not kidding about that TAIL. Are you sure there isn't some sort of emaciated tropical snake biting him in the arse?

Who is selling the wobbler? The places from which I normally order don't have it yet -- not even Jeffers, which has everything Kong, including the nifty keychains.

Christie Keith

My local pet supply store ordered it for me from their usual Kong supplier, it came in the next day!

Erich Riesenberg

Your house is so clean...

Kongs and Nylabones are the only toys we have.

Carol V

Looks like Kyrie likes watching RawleyTV...


Yay! Rawley and Wobbler. A great combo. He's so darned cute. I keep typing cute. Gotta think of a better word for him. It's more than cute.


OMG how cute, now I have to order one too!

Gina Spadafori

I love him.


HH - I know I'm outing myself by disclosing this, but our local PetCo has the Wobbler. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


I have GOT to get one of those Kongs for my greyhound!


I'd like to know how easily cleaned are the Kong Wobblers?

I'd want to use it for my pig(large, hairy, ex-feral) but it will end up in his wallow and if it can't be de-mudded then it's not gonna work.


Ditto Gina...He is too Cute.

The Other Lori

I love when there are puppy videos. Rawley is adorable!

I have to get a wobbler for the cat. We've tried other food toys to make her work for her food but she gives up quickly. I think this will be more rewarding for her. On a side note, they make Kong keychains?!? Where in the world do I get one?

Katie Bruesewitz

He actually GREW during that video. The camera panned away to show the shredded paper towels and when it came back to Rawley, he was bigger. WOW...overwhelming cuteness.

The toy looks like a winner...we have the Premiere Bob-a-Lot which is similar.

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