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21 April 2010


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Gina Spadafori

Dooley will also bring the food -- stolen off the kitchen counter, of course.

David S. Greene

I don't really care what the topic is, Christie. I can NOT get enough Rawley pics. I just want to tousle the floppy ears.


Awww, If you need any carpentry work done, Dooley is great at shredding wood! Maybe they could team up.

Christie Keith

Now all we need is a drywaller...

Christie Keith

EYE NOES! He's just irresistible! How on earth do I get anything done?

Christie Keith

Oh, I snatched the bricks away as he brought them inside! And he doesn't have access to the yard when I'm not here, he's still too young to be allowed to free-range, LOL. He's not even four months old yet!

Kristen Nelson, DVM

Rawley is a handsome boy. I hope he didn't break any teeth on those bricks. It is amazing what these pups will chew on. I can't wait to hear what he "builds" next.


He's so handsome!


He has such an innocent face. Keep that going, Rawley, you may need it when you aren't a puppy any longer.



that made me giggle. Haven't had a real chuckle like that in a month! ThX!


You should see the things my guys dig up out of the ground; A two foot long piece or rout iron, a wrench, china, ect.


Hilarious! Who said you can't have fun with a brick? :)

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