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14 April 2010


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David S. Greene

But at least, uh, um, he's got a fashionable collar. Very nice collar, Rawley. Good thing you can't chew on it.


I really had no idea he had Naughty in him. Hope he's all better very soon!

The collar came with him from me, David. Glad you like it. :)


Treadmill??? LOL

Carol V

He definitely looks like he needs a nice game of aligator mouth!!

The Other Lori

This is one reason why I'm trying to convince my husband that when we are finally ready for a puppy, that we should just get TWO puppies. They can wear each other out!

Sandi K

Ah yes...the middle name of No. Same thing happened to my cat when she was a kitten...and it still applies even though she is 3 now, although her middle name is No-No. lol I hope Rawley's sniffles go away soon!


Play hide n seek! It's a great way to work his little puppy brain on some basic obedience skills (sit, stay, find!). Start out easy by hiding just out of his sight to make sure he doesn't break his sit/stay. Just around the door or down a hall. Release him to "find" you. Gradually increase the difficulty of the find by hiding in a darkened room with the door open, behind a couch, upstairs.

Once they catch on to the game, you can do all kinds of variations: find Kyrie (provided she'll sit quietly in another room :-)), find Ronan, find your favorite toy, hide with Rawley and have Kyrie come find you.

This game was a sanity-saver for me during Opie's first rainy winter with us. 10-15 mins was great exercise for his growing puppy brain, and tired him out as nicely as physical exercise. We're now playing this often with 1 year old Jet; when it's time to play "find it", Opie (7), Sparky (13), and Nicky (6) still line up to play.

It will bring out the kid in you all over again!



The thought of majestic Kyrie playing hide-and-seek makes my mind boggle :o))

Do you think she'd 'play along' Christie, or would it be better to just stick to Rawley ?


Hey, at least he didn't eat a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans and go on a complete caffeine and sugar high like a bad puppy I heard about. :`)

Gina Spadafori

Or pull steaks off the counter like a certain OTHER bad puppy I heard about. :)


Oh my goodness, this brings back memories of when my Mandy kitty was a baby! I wondered if I would live through it.

She has pretty much outgrown most of it, but still manages to get a few bratty moments in once in a while. LOL

Hang in there...you will survive.

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