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29 March 2010


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Love, love, love. As far as I am concerned, I'd be happy to see a new video every day.


Congrats, Christie. Love his long tail. How sweet.

mary frances

Thanks for sharing the oh-so-sweet news of finding new love - it's so grand to fall in love with a puppy - happiness for all.

Sandi K

Oh thanks for sharing a video of your most adorable new puppy! There is nothing like that pure innocence of puppies and I just love those spazzy running episodes they go into. I hope we get to see more very soon, like in a few days, before he is all grown!


My husband lost 15 pounds when he bought our Norwegian Elkhound puppy. They're the best weight-loss program!


Christie Keith

David, Rawley and Bernadette The Weather Duck® will be commencing their national tour this fall. Stay tuned for details. And stock up on red carpet.


Sweet jeepers, that is one looooooooong tail on that pup! What a cutie!

Christie Keith

Wow, Kasie, I didn't know about the unposted secret rules! I guess he technically can't go in there for another month, although I intend to continue to abide only by the posted rules, LOL -- for all the reasons you gave in your final comment.

And Paula, seriously... don't hold your breath. ;)

Paula Pascoe

Christie, just want to make sure you understand, if it doesn't work out I will take him back. :)


Can't get the video to play for me here. But, I just want to say, I LOVE his name.

David S. Greene

I've watched the video five times. I might get tired of it after perhaps 10, though more likely 50 viewings. I think Rawley needs to go on a national tour so we can ALL meet him in person. Christie, he's thoroughly adorable, but you knew that already.


Forget the puppy breath, that overtly exaggerated puppy run/gallop gets me everytime! Too cute!


Awwww... Is that what a Deerhound young'un looks like? He's darling! Love that gallumping run he's got. Just makes you smile all over!


And the rules as detailed in SFRPD's DPA Final Policy (but these are not posted at the DPAs):

Secion 4.1 DPA Rules: Your neighbors and the Recreation and Park Department appreciate responsible dog


• All dogs must be licensed and vaccinated before entering the DPA

• No dog less than 4 months old shall be permitted in the DPA

• Female dogs in heat are not allowed

• No more than (3) dogs per owner are allowed in the DPA at any one time

• Professional dog trainers may not use a DPA for the conduct of their business,

unless sponsored by RPD or by obtaining a permit from RPD

• Animals must be leashed when entering and exiting the DPA

• Owners shall be in possession of a leash for each dog at all times

• Dogs must be under control of their owners at all times (i.e. dog must

immediately respond to commands)

• Control excessive barking and noise

• Pick up and dispose of dog waste in a proper manner

• Aggressive dogs must be leashed immediately (snarling, unwanted jumping)

• Owners are to fill holes dug by their dogs prior to leaving the DPA


City DPA rules aside: IMO, it's far more important/critical for puppies to get out and about (the earlier, the better) for safe socialization and experience/exposure (both social and immune) than anything else. Christie is doing the right thing -- this is just what Farallon (ok, Rawley) needs to develop into a healthy, well-adjusted adult. This is a very safe park with a lot of well-socialized dogs of different ages and breeds/sizes and her careful monitoring of his exposure and play will make for a good canine citizen.

Just my two cents...


Absolutely adorable baby!

Most of dog parks I've seen don't allow puppies in until they're somewhere between four and six months old. Is this a private park?

Gina Spadafori

Not much of a RETRIEVER, is he?

But seriously, I'm melting down in a puddle of puppy mooshy-mooshy wuv here at the computer.

Christie Keith

Janeen, it's a city park, but it doesn't have any rules like that. I wouldn't have taken him until I had a titer test done that confirmed he was immune to parvo and distemper, but there's no rule that would prevent someone from doing that.

Janet Boss

The tail goes on forever! He's lovely. Congrats on a new spring puppy!

Amy D Shojai, CABC

Awwwwwwwwwww....that tail! love the tail! And he's so good with the other doggies. My Magic was a retrieving fool at that age, but he's more the thoroughbred racer. Just gorgeous. I jess luv dem puppies!


San Francisco Rec & Park Dept Offical DPA (dog Play Area) rules:

•Pick up and remove dog waste

•Carry a Leash

•Don't leave your dog unattended

•Control excessive barking and noise

•Prevent digging and destructive behavior

•Keep your dog's vaccinations and license current

The Other Lori

I really hope that the national tour stops in my town! The video is great. I love watching puppies play.

Rochelle Lesser

What a lucky boy to get a mom like you. Wishing you many wonderful and playful years together.


What a great Tale...Or should I say Tail!

Dr. Tony Johnson

That's cuter than a Precious Moments(c) figurine!

Thanks for sharing the tiny puppy's frantic antics - loved the vid.

Is it just me, or were others hearing the Baby Elephant Walk as he romped around?

Gina Spadafori

I can assured you that Bernadette would not be on any such tour. Her demands are outrageous! A pool filled with Perrier on the bus? No way!

Phyllis DeGioia

ohmyGAWD he's adorable...and humongous. What a face. And what a tail!

Baby elephant is right, Dr. Tony. Rawley is a stunner, Christie. I'm in love!

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