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26 March 2010


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Awesome Threesome!


Congrats to both of you. Most excellent.


Carol V

I am so happy for you!!! Kyrie will love him soon I bet!! I remember when my Lucy lost her littermate Harry---6 weeks went by when we introduced her to her new brother Jack..and she was so distressed she jumped out of the car window (it was parked) but within the week she was using him as a pillow..and vice versa...How much fun you are going to have this weekend!!!


I can't see the pictures on Facebook. Anyone else?

Paula Pascoe

I'm so proud of this good little boy. I told Christie he's cooperative, calm and trusting, and so far it sounds like he's made good on those claims! Happy Puppy Day, Christie!


Yay! Happy Puppy Day!


Congrats on the new puppy. Very cute!! As for the threat by Gina.....pffffftttt. I don't recall a photo with her included in it when Faybee was a baby. Or, now, come to think of it.


WooHoo! Congratulations!!

Here's to a long and happy relationship!


congrats!! Welcome to your new home Rawley~


Ronan and Rawley are both beautiful boys. Congratulations! Puppies are so much fun and so sweet!

The Other Lori



Huge congratulations Christie, I'm sure the lovely Kyrie will come around soon

(Blinded by the cute !!! - LOVE IT ;)

Kim Thornton

Good luck in having Kyrie come around. Twyla still snarls at poor Harper. Even thought I keep reminding her that she can still be the baby.

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