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20 March 2010


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Hmmm, as a dog advocate I will assume your comment regarding my "common sense" and my drive and intelligence is not as broad as it sounds and it perhaps out of context for me since this is my first time visiting your blog. We recently added rabbit topics to our blog, promoting their adoption and trying to raise awareness before the dreaded Easter Bunny season. I believe that speaks to our common sense very well. All animals deserve an advocate and everyone should be open to learning more. Hope you will visit us sometime. http://shadytales.wordpress.com/

Mary Mary

I wish dog and cat advocates were as driven, smart and organized — and had as much common sense — as rabbit people.


We're number 3 ... we try harder!

David S. Greene

Melissa, I promise Christie wasn't disparaging you personally. She was making a broader point.


I want a pet bunny. I'd take that one in the pic akshully.


Cosmic. I took my chihuahua, Coco, to our Emerg. vet hospital this weekend (Coco is still there) because she suddenly started having seizures. They diagnosed her with Epilepsy. I am picking her up tomorrow morning.

What does this have to do with Rabbits?

Well, anytime Coco had health issues my bff and I mull over why, how, what do we think of the vet, we recap every nutritional aspect of our pet's care... and generally support each other's worries. Tonight I was speaking with my bff who knows everything about dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. She said her partner's dog also was diagnosed for epilepsy after seizure cluster. But...it turned out the seizures were caused by a worm from their pet bunny. Weird. I have rabbits who live outside in hutch (so we nixed the theory my dog caught this worm.) I'll have to check the HRS webpage to see if they have any info.

p.s. I love the House Rabbit site. I am so glad Petconnection also likes it. When I first started taking in rabbits who have head tilt I went to the House Rabbit site and loved it.

Christie Keith

Definitely out of context, Melissa. I am a dog and cat advocate and owner. I've never had a rabbit and have no desire to have one. It was a remark of admiration and a suggestion we in our community emulate them in theirs.

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