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19 February 2010


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Sandi K

This is great!

Sandi K

Thanks Christie and Gina for the opportunity! One thing I have been wondering about and I thought I would just put it out there...does anyone know if Menu Foods is really being investigated. The reason I ask is all over Menu Foods quarterly reports, they have the statement to their shareholders that they are still under investigation. It seems like if that were true, wouldnt there have already been either charges or the investigation closed as its been close to 3 years now. I dont know how all this stuff works....

bridget de

I am an animal advocate, owner and someone who

has been feeding wholefoods/ organic mostly and fresh to my dogs for over 20 yrs. I have some

questions regarding something I am interested in

regarding the depreciation of health over time due to additives in pet foods. I am a cook and I am a living example of a food philosophy that goes back to my italian heritage. I would love to speak to you about some of my thoughts. Is that possible. I also am advised by a geneticist who has been doing alot of reasearch in kidney and renal failure in certain animals and I have

a theory that I am beginning to test. Bridget de Socio.

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