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19 February 2010


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As a lawyer (though not in NY), I've found that the judges with balls have no brains, and the judges with brains have no balls. If I had to guess, I'd say Judge Riviezzo has ambitions to a higher court or political office, and therefore is going to take the most middle of the road position as possible, especially in high profile cases. I think NY judges are elected, too. This jerk claimed he was defending himself from attack, didn't he? And now he has the A on record as saying Oreo was irredeemably vicious. If I was his lawyer, I'd certainly have made sure the Judge knew about that.


Too bad the punishment wasn't just, let's throw Fabian Henderson off a six story building. Preferably on his head!


There's an old adage about how walking down the middle of the road can get you hit by vehicles going both ways, perhaps applicable here. Justice was not served, and I think you're right, Susan.


We've got our jails filled up with people who buy pot so unfortunately, so room for violent felons like Mr. Henderson.


A billboard campaign against Judge Riviezzo's retention as judge or re-election would be a good place to start.

Sandi K

Did anyone else see the last name and wonder.....Fabian Henderson.....Menu Foods Paul Henderson....Im sure it cant be the case....right?

I think as long as the laws state our pets are no better than a piece of furniture, then sadly we are going to see this over and over again, whether it be with abuse or pets killed by pet food. The laws desperately need to change and I dont know how to do it...to Susan, the attorney above, do you have any ideas on how to get laws changed because writing letters isnt doing a darn thing.


This is political correctness at its' "finest"Welcome to the new America..Judges are there to judge.If u cant do ur job,get the heck off the bench.Jerk.


Appallingly weak sentence.

Here in New Zealand a young man has actually been SENT TO JAIL for cruelty to animals. Breakthrough indeed !!

Only for 7 months, but it's better than the normal slap on the wrist.

His crime; he fed 6 live kittens to his dog (an equally abused looking Pit Bull). Luckily someone videoed it on their 'phone.

The SPCA also wanted to press for court costs, but were unsuccessful (he's unemployed).

You should have seen his family excusing him before sentencing saying he'd learnt his lesson etc. What sort of person needs teaching that feeding live kittens to your dog is wrong ?? The family are appalled, to them, obviously his deeds are nothing to get upset about, they really cannot understand the fuss.


What happened to Oreo? Is he adoptable?

Gina Spadafori

The ASPCA killed the dog, after deciding the animal was too dangerous to rehome. The decision was and continues to be extremely controversial:


Noel Canfield

Best Friends animal Sanctuary's Dogtown refused to take Oreo. I am not defending the ASPCA's action, but I wonder what else they could have done, if anything, to save poor Oreo. At least three outside experts were consulted by the ASPCA in her case, and they concurred with the ASPCA's opinion that Oreo's aggression toward humans and other animals was intractable. It seems, tragically, that sometimes some animals or humans are just too damaged to ever recover.

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