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25 February 2010


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Gina Spadafori

Unliike YOUR puppy, spawn of Teh Evil McKenzie, Farallon will be a GOOD dog. :)

Liz Palika


It is wonderful to have a dog who worships you once in a while. I have had dogs who loved me but didn't worship me; one who made it plain she thought I was stupid; one who loved my husband but put up with me; and one who loves me, thinks I'm pretty neat, but would go home with anyone.

Bashir, thankfully, does worship me. And when we're going through hard times, a dog who worships you is a treasure.

I am so excited for you. sigh....puppy breath and puppy love.....

Gina Spadafori

I. Love. Him.

Luckiest Deerhound in the World, though he does not yet realize it!


That is so awesome. Sounds like you are both in for a great ride.

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

He is a doll. Congratulations


He's so sleek and tall looking- handsome pup! I bet you can't wait to get him home~


I'm so happy for you. He is so utterly adorable I want to kiss his nose right through the computer screen! Many blessings to you both....

Cathy Lynch

Congratulations, he's adorable! I can't wait to hear all of the puppy stories


What a handsome boy! Congratulations to both of you!


I don't believe any puppy could look that sweet and innocent, and NOT be full of mischief

It'll be good for Kyrie to have another resident worshiper :)

He's absolutely adorable. Aren't puppies amazing ? When they're first born they all look pretty much the same whether it's a Dachshund or an Afghan, give them a few weeks and they look totally different. Believe me he looks NOTHING like an 8 week old Rottweiler !!! LOL.

Huge congratulations Christie, this year will be so much better for you than last year was.


"(R)elentlessly cheerful" sounds like just what the doctor ordered! So sweet, and big already! Looking forward to seeing more of him.

Gina Spadafori

Wanna kiss those white toes of his! What a cutie.

Christie Keith

It's so funny that some of you think he looks tall or big -- he looks TINY to me! But I know what you mean. For 8 weeks old, that's a big boy, LOL.

I'm so excited! Expect to hear that a lot, btw.

Jason Merrihew

Congrats! He is one lucky pup. :)

Ingrid King

Congratulations on the new family member - he is one lucky puppy! I wish for you that welcoming Farralon into your life and into your heart will be the beginning of the process of filling the hole your mother and Rebel left.


Very, very cute. And yes, big!

Sandi K

Christie, Im sure your mom is helping you with this decision. Im guessing this little dog will help you fill more than just one empty hole. She is adorable and she has the longest legs Ive ever seen in a puppy!

Reeta Young

Congrats! He is adorable!


Yeee-HAW! and WOOO-HOOOO!!

Er, sorry, I'm from Texas and can't help myself :-)

But CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you! I know how those holes in your heart feel... this will be such a good thing for everyone!

Carol V


I am so happy for you both...I look so forward to reading your puppy "tails"...


A match decided in a heavenly place.

Congratulations on getting such cheerful companion. He looks so hugable!

David S. Greene

Yay for the new puppy puppy puppy! Of course he will worship you, and you shall worship him, and all will be right with the world.

He looks thoroughly adorable.


Congratulations! What a handsome little boy!


congratulations, christie! he is a beauty! when he is able and you are willing, you should hook up with us east bay annice/ben puppies (now almost 5 months old).

best wishes,

jean and leo

Leslie K

He's adorable !


Wow - He's stunning. This is going to be fun, getting to vicariously watch him grow.


He's a beauty! Congratulations!! I think we all know exactly what you mean about that dog-shaped hole in your heart. After my 16 yr old cocker died, my two cats and one dachshund just weren't cutting it. I went on a mission to find another cocker spaniel. I adopted a 12 yr old because he was sweet and abandoned at a kill shelter for who-knows-what-stupid-reason. We had a glorious 14 weeks together and then came the horrific diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. It wasn't long after he died that I found myself bringing home another cocker spaniel. I just couldn't bear life without a cocker spaniel in it! I now also have three 2 yr old lab mixes - and yes, I still have the dachshund and the cats - and I love all of them dearly, but my little cocker holds a special place in my heart.


Oh, I can just smell that spicy scent at the top of his adorable head.

Glenye Oakford

Oh WOW. How beautiful!

Kim Thornton

What a sweetie! As someone who lives with a relentlessly cheerful puppy, I can highly recommend the experience. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.


So which of the puppies was this one, in terms of the rickrack 'collars' they had on (which they've outgrown a couple times, I'm sure)?

I envy you in getting such a lovely puppy and wish you all the best!


>>there is a Deerhound-shaped hole in my heart<<

I know... I have a Basenji shaped hole in my heart, a Sayblee Basenji shaped hole in fact. Oddly enough, we may be getting heart plugs around the same time. I am so happy for you.


My dad passed away in March 2005. That summer a starving, pregnant little orange tabby showed up at our kitchen door. Over the next two months we fed her and her 5 kittens after they were born. Then we caught them all and found homes for four of the kittens in pairs. Mom and one of her daughters stayed with us. I'll always miss my dad, but Red Molly and her kittens was a reminder to us that life is to be lived and enjoyed and shared with other living beings while we can. Your beautiful new puppy is one very lucky puppy too.


omg puppy ears!

Kim Thornton

I first heard about giant-breed breeders keeping puppies til 11 or 12 weeks a few years ago when I wrote my Mastiff book. They say they need the extra time to mature, just like tiny breeds. I've been asking breeders about it ever since, and it seems to be a trend, the exception being sporting dogs. Behaviorist Lore Haug says if the breeder does a good job of socialization, then letting the pups stay longer is a good thing; otherwise, you should try to get them earlier so you can do your own socializing during that critical pre-16-week period.


What's the deal with waiting until he's that old to get him?

You're reaching the end of the critical period for early socialization at that age.

In gun dogs, the rule is--or at least was--49 days, which has unfortunately been usurped by people who have legislated 8 weeks in some states. 8 weeks is when the fear period begins.

Gina Spadafori

I asked the same question. I knew that reputable, ethical breeders of tiny dogs usually keep them for additional weeks, but giant breeds? That was news to me.

But, no one knows more about giant sighthounds than Ms. Keith, who has been involved with the "wee bairns" for her adult whole life. And guess what? Many reputable breeders of these dogs keep them weeks longer, too.

Ya live, ya learn. :)


Deerhounds are pretty fragile dogs in terms of things that can go wrong, so maybe the longer period has something to do with that.

Social Mange

He's a beauty! Long life, good health and much happiness to you both.

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