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12 February 2010


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Gina Spadafori

I agree: Approach with caution. Teh Sugar High is dangerous.


I took caution and watched. HOW CUTE! What is the breed? Lab? I liked the one trying to jump on the green bed. I often fall like that when getting out of bed, though. Wags, e

ruth ellen

Very very cute. How old are they now? They seem to have grown a lot!

r e

Christie Keith

They're 6 weeks old, and they are Scottish Deerhounds. :)


Who's that that comes right up to the camera? It's funny, the instant I hit play and started watching, I started to actually smell puppy smells (the newsprint, their food, their poop, their breath -- the whole smell the puppy room has). I guess that early childhood imprinting (our female mutts had a lot of litters) lasts forever!

Gina Spadafori

Now you did it. I had to go watch vid of McKenzie's babies at that age.

Gahhhhh, puppies are all so cute.


gasp...hmm now which would be the best match? the one playing alone? the one on the comfy bed with a toy? the one that won/lost the quick tug? or GASP the one that came to say hello

good luck and congrats

David S. Greene

I'd want to talk to the one who came to say hello. And thank you for the warning, Christie. It was quite appropriate.

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