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02 January 2010


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Gina Spadafori

No, I never do. ;-)

Bonnie K.

You can come here anytime, Christie! You too, Gina... The summers here are actually quite pleasant, since we're a couple thousand feet up. This winter has been unusually snowy due to El Nino. Last year we didn't have any snow until March. Right near VA Tech, with their vet school, 30 minus from the Roanoke airport... wanna come visit? There's a 4 year old here you could play with... LOL


All the time. My current fantasy involves Vermont... or Canada.

Kim Thornton

Oh, constantly. My fantasies feature not only the PNW but also Paris, Vancouver and New Mexico. And of course San Francisco.

Christie Keith

Paris and Vancouver work for me.

Kathleen Weaver

You might like Dallas. It isn't muggy. Yes, it gets hot, but usually it's a nice dry heat.

We've got a decent sized back yard, but better yet, there is a huge greenway park across the street.

I just can't think of someplace I'd like to trade to.

Christie Keith

Kathleen -- Texas is way, way, way too hot for me. But I'm glad you're happy there!

Terry Albert

I'm probably the only person in the world who loves Seattle.


Kathleen - Dallas is only 'not muggy' when you compare it to Houston. :P I live here, I'm allowed to say that. P

I love my little house in Dallas, but I'm really hoping to move to someplace with mountains and/or ocean (the Oregon Coast, around Newport is my current dream destination, or the high desert in NM) - I love my job, though, and don't want to leave that. I also want to pack the dogs up into a car and be an RV/art show/dog show gypsy forf a few years, too.



Somewhere between Cambria and Paso Robles, with a sturdy little tin-roof ranch house and enough land for a USBCHA Open trial. Don't need the vineyards. I'd slit my wrists before I'd leave California [though a pied-à-terre in Paris would be tempting].

Ark Lady

LOL Never dream of elsewhere because where I live is pretty awesome--and I have lived in a manor home in England (on an island no less), on the beach in the North coast, etc., (before I make you gag).

I am seriously considering relocating out of So. Cal. cuz I hate it.

BUT the reason I live where I do is because I can take a jaunt down to the beach or the desert without a problem.

Getting away might do you some good and I know there are some house swap sites so maybe you need to pursue that dream.

In the meantime, I am in Monterey heading up to Santa Rosa. Have to leave on Tuesday for sure--if you have time for a coffee or something drop me a PM on Facebook.


Sometimes I dream of a warm tropical island with endless sandy beaches and impossibly blue water. But I'm not ready to live where there's no change of seasons. Yet.

Have you considered Ithaca, NY? Maybe you could do a house swap with a Cornell professor looking to take a sabbatical to your location. It may be a bit too far north for your liking, but Ithaca's a pretty cool town. They do have a small airport and the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. Plus it's at the end of Cayuga Lake, so there's your water. It's also about a four hour drive to NYC for when you're in the mood for a larger city.

Christie Keith

I like Ithaca a lot. I have a friend there, too... wonder if he and his partner would like to spend a year in San Francisco?

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