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23 January 2010


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Right on, Christie!! I get so irritated when I hear right wingers whinge about how the liberals are destroying America but in the next breath they squawk about how no one better touch their SS or Medicare or do anything that infringes on their rights.


So so so true!!!!! Love it!


Yes. To all of it.


You are so right. My parents (who are in their 70s) are dyed-in-the-wool liberals and brought me up right. My mom always says "why should we allow republicans to define the term 'liberal' as equivalent to 'poison'? Be proud to be liberal!"

We need to take back the term!


I don't personally use the term.

I use the term progressive or populist-- something more akin to a Scandinavian Social Democrat, just an American version.

To me, Liberal doesn't mean Social Democrat. It means something like Libertarian, although maybe a bit more socially conscious. I associate this term more with the Gladstone wing of the Liberal Party.

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