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20 January 2010


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The puppies are ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to meet the new mergatroyd! :)



Did your Mom like Gilbert & Sullivan? According to Wikipedia, under a different spelling:

a Murgatroyd family is central to the plot of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera Ruddigore

Supposedly, Sir Murgatroyd is cursed by a witch to commit 1 crime/day, so he tries to make up for it by doing 1 good deed/day.

Sounds like a male deerhound puppy to me! ;-)

David S. Greene

I was going to suggest the G&S angle too. My considered, professional opinion on the picture: Puppy puppy puppy!

Ok, now back to writing tomorrow morning's post (while humming "puppy puppy puppy" to myself)


Those pups are precious, but they're making me want to take a nap!

My mother used to say "Heavens to mergatroyd!" when something was surprising or baffling. Somewhat akin to today's palm slap to the forehead, or OMG! I have no idea why!

H. Houlahan

Snagglepuss used to say it.

One has to be Of A Certain Age. Since Snagglepuss cartoons are not "classic" material, ala Bugs Bunny, younger and older members of the culture have been spared.

But it brings it back to cats.

I call puppies Schnickelfritz. The youngest pup in the household is always the Schnickelfritz. I have no memory of this, but apparently it's something my German grandfather called us children. I thought it was a made-up word. Nope.


My German grandma called me Schnickelfritz. I use it on my children and cute baby animals.

Carol V

Snagglepuss from Huckleberry Hound right?


It is amazing how much deerhound puppies don't look anything like the adult dogs.

Nadine L

They are so cute!! Will these little guys stay dark or become light gray? When do they grow in their shag?


What wonderful therapy puppies are!!

They look like they're about at that wonderful age where they sit and look at one another, then one tries to play and lifts a paw to whack his brother on the head and - plop! - he falls over.

I LOVE that!!!

Gina Spadafori

Whatever you call them ... Oh! Adorable!

cathy reynolds

I read this to hear about the fate of the cats,and how do the puppies help the cats. The cats are a serious subject. Yes, I love puppies, but feral cats need help !

Christie Keith

Cathy, my very next post was the serious one about ferals:


Right in this post, I say that I was just writing this while working on the other. Sometimes even intrepid pet writers need a little break in the middle of a deadline. :)

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