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31 December 2009


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Nadine L

Happy Birthday, Gina! Wishing you a glorious 2010 that you so deserve!


Happy birthday to Gina! And yes, welcome to 2010!

Dr. Tony Johnson


Hope 2010 is everything 2009 wasn't!

Anne T

Happy Birthday, Gina and many returns of the day!

Here's to the end of a truly sucky year, and may the new one be wonderful for us all!


A very Happy Birthday to you Gina! Happy New Year! May 2010 be much, much kinder!


Happy Birthday, Gina!


Happy Birthday, Gina! Happy New Year to all!

May the new year be decidedly better than the last.

Sandi K

Happy Birthday Gina and if it at all helps, I appreciate all the help and information both you and Christie have provided to me and and other pet parents in 2009. If anything good happened, it included getting helpful information and learning new things. So even though your year sucked and I know how it feels (I had that kind of year in 2007) you should at least know how much you have helped many of us!


Happy Birthday, Gina!

And good-bye to a terrible year and a terrible decade.

Gina Spadafori

That picture, taken for the L.A. Times article on this blog, is the cleanest my office has ever been. And it only got that way because two friends answered my frantic cry to help toss everything into boxes than were then tossed into the garage.

Thanks, everyone, and Happy New Year. If 2009 doesn't turn out in retrospect to have been the worst year of my life, I hate to see what will top it.

Miserable year for so many of us!

HELLO 2010!


Wow Gina. They seem to be throwing a lot of parties tonight to celebrate your birthday. Hope it's a good one!

Leslie K

Happy Birthday Gina !


Happy Birthday! And Happy New Year!!


Happy birthday Gina! Let the Flatties spoil you rotten today.


I was excited there for a minute. Something defaults to mountain time??? Really? But no. This was posted by "Christie Keith @ 1:01 am" here in God's own timezone. It's OK we are used to having to add 1 or subtract (or do I have that backwards?) to figure out when it is.

Anyway yeah the 0's sucked. Glad to send the whole lot of them packing.

Happy New Year's everyone.

Liz Palika

Happy Birthday! I wish you many happy, healthy returns of the day!

Colorado Transplant

Well, I will join in, since you are having a birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have enjoyed this blog and learned so much that I cannot thank you enough, Gina and Christie and the whole rest of the Pet Connection Staff.

And yes, Gina, you were right. Sophie, my cat, has accepted the fact that she now has to stay in the whole yard protective fencing instead of wondering in everybody's yard and getting me into trouble with my neighbors.(Also has been prevented from getting herself into a whole lot of trouble, too, by me bankrupting myself for this wonderful fencing).

Most of all, I appreciate the pet food information, because we have to prevent another food-poisoning year of so many pets.

Gina, have a ball on your birthday--you deserve it! Oh, my, I am using up so much space--ye gads!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy, happy birthday to Gina!!! 2010 is going to be great!

mary frances

Happy belated Birthday to you Gina - thank you and Christie and the Pet Connection - I've been so lucky and grateful to have you all in my continuing pet education and more...the very best to you for 2010.

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