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18 December 2009


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"2.So she’s trained you to give her treats before she’ll go outside and has even gotten you to signal when it’s going to happen. Not bad."

And Stanley Coren says Borzois are dumb. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen Weaver


Isn't clicker training great?

Still won't make a beagle have it's nails trimmed willingly.

Susan Fox

So she's trained you to give her treats before she'll go outside and has even gotten you to signal when it's going to happen. Not bad.

Anne T

Heeheehee! Coercing a sighthound to do anything they don't want to do is an art form. They just turn that penetrating gaze on you and speak volumes of "Excuse me? Why should I bother?" I swear clickers and treats were invented for just that reason! My friend Renee breeds, shows, races and attempts to train her Bozos in Rally and Obed. Her stories are enough to make you think "why would anyone own one of these dogs?" lol!

Good for you and Kyrie! And in my book, you don't have to be a 'dog trainer'with your own dogs. If their behavior works as is for your needs, that's really what training is all about, isn't it? The information and assessments you have passed on over the years has been invaluable. So if Kyrie isn't about to earn a CD, I don't give one whit! And if there is a pup with your name on it from your deerhound breeder, if you don't title the pup in anything except a companion close to your heart, I don't care about that either, as long as you keep writing your great columns and blogs!


LOL! A feral pony is training me to give her treats when she nudges me. It's tough since I'm not very bright and put my hand in the wrong place a lot. She has to keep putting different parts of her head(forehead and cheek so far) against my hand but I do manage the click and treat part okay.

Snoopys Friend

Yeah Christie good going!

Colorado Transplant

Good job, Christie! You did more than you thought you could. Kyrie probably didn't want to get embarassed in front of the neighbors wearing a raincoat, maybe, but you convinced her with the clicker that she looked entirely appropriate wearing one to protect her beautiful coat.

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