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20 December 2009


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{{{{Christie}}}} You are so loved.

I can't wait to spend Christmas with you.


Gina Spadafori

Oh honey ... I'm so sorry.


My feet were KILLING me last night!!! The soles were like burning. But I wouldn't have traded that burn for anything, because for the first time the season, it felt like Christmas.


Stress can wreak havoc with your muscles and cause pain. Another thing you might consider - If you have a food allergy and you were not eating much of a particular food like refined sugar while 'being good' and you started eating that type of food again, that food allergy can manifest itself as muscle pain.
Working your way to the far side of grief is a hard grind. Know that we are all with you and sending healing energy.

Susan R.

The self-neglect, depression, grief, anger - yes, this is when it comes out. And the weight coming back makes us feel physically crummy, too. I'm only now beginning to feel good enough to think about dealing with my weight gain, and my mom passed in April. Make sure you really ARE ready before you hit that road, because the frustration of a failure cycle will only make things worse. Maybe consider starting with gradually increasing your activity, because that will make you feel better, too.

I'll add that my dogs have been the BEST therapy of all.


Maybe it's time for you to forgive yourself for whatever you feel you didn't do enough of for your mom or yourself. Everyone has to find her own way; there are no roadmaps. You did all you could do. Continue to grieve as you need and work on healing yourself. Do more training/playing/walking with your dog? Acupuncture? Is there something you used to do "just" for fun, when you had time.. singing, sports, dancing, teaching??? Any people you might want to reconnect with?

Cindy (aka schnauzer)

I know you've heard this from others. But I'll repeat. It does get better. Loosing my father took a long time to "deal" with but one day you'll realize that you don't hurt quite so much anymore. [[[hugs]]]

Portia Neff

Christie dear, if you are not feeling better soon, have you considered the possibility of fibromyalgia? Your pains sound all to familiar for those of us who deal with fibro on a daily basis. Your friends worry about you.


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