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06 November 2009


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Speaking of Chinese treats - the pet treats from China are still coming in.

And now, thanks to Congress, we will soon have Chinese poultry to tempt our human palates. Yep, the original H5N1 reports, the common melamine and cyanuric acid use over there, and the 200 million tiny farms and nearly a million processors that are nearly impossible to inspect and regulate due to numbers apparently weren't enough to keep poultry from being imported to the USA. Aside from the rest, I cannot imagine deliberately eating any food with any amount of melamine in it knowing a potential for kidney damage.

Bon Appetit.

Snoopys Friend

My neighbors dogs almost died from treats from China, this was a few years ago, and after she told me the story I just decided my dogs don't need pig ears or beef rolls or anything else. I do buy them real bones from a feed store that I've had no trouble with and these do not come from China. I stay away from anything with a coating also. Thank goodness my dogs seem happy enough with what I give them and when they get bored, they carry around sticks in the yard and play with them. We have a good time with the sticks and no fear of poisoning either. We dog owners just want to love and do right by our pets and it is a shame we need to be so ever concerned about contamination that it does take some of the fun out of shopping.


I suppose the fact that it is a zoonose might account for some of the motivation behind the FDA's action (maybe they're finally catching on that our pets live WITH us?).

But it's a start . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Snoopys Friend

I avoid these type of pet treats just because I do not trust their safety. My dogs don't seem to mind either.


Are we concerned about Salmonella because it's a human health concern or a canine one?

I'm curious about peer-reviewed studies involving the fecal analysis of dogs regarding Salmonella. I know of one small study involving a raw diet versus commercial diet (80% of raw fed dogs shed the bacteria) and another study that just blithely says "salmonella is commonly found in dogs". Do you know of any?

Liz Palika

Re: Carol V:

My thoughts exactly! Two months????

All three of my dogs had to make a trip to the veterinarian's office a month or so ago and my vet and I suspected some treats from Kahoots. But the treats had been eaten, the trash was gone, I hadn't recorded batch numbers of the treats, and we weren't able to find/prove anything. Frustrating!

All three dogs were fine after a week and a half of Flagyl but it makes one wonder?

Carol V

Only two months since FDA found salmonella until the alert came out...???

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