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24 November 2009


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Susan Fox

You have more than earned a puppy. May the puppy gods smile upon you.

Sarah Regan Snavely

I'm so happy for you. Keeping my finger crossed.

My two Greyhound puppies saved me after the terrible loss of my brother in a car accident. They gave me hope again.

Sarah Regan Snavely

That would be *fingers* crossed. Sheesh...


We were in the same boat last year at this time. Just when we thought it was never going to happen and we were nuts for hoping, the pup the breeder was going to keep suddenly became ours... Of all people, you need a puppy right about now ...and I hope the same puppy gods that smiled on us will smile on you, too!


Wow. I've had the year from hell and not lost a pup or a parent. I feel for you and hope you get your pup soon.


Wonderful! *crosses fingers*

Kitten breath helps too. I got my Cueball after a year in Hell. The little ones, they make it better just by being. Even when they're aggravating. Maybe especially then.


hoping for the best for mom and the developing wee ones!

Gina Spadafori

Christie's Deerhounds are always Too Cool For School. They look down their long, elegant noses at my 'Trievies.

Deerhounds = Gentry

Retrievers = Estate staff


The famous photo of Nous, the first golden retriever, also depicts a deerhound with the Guisachan gamekeeper:



As for names, if I would were into deerhounds, I'd name him Robbie or Bob-- for Robert Burns.

Because Robert Burns wrote this poem with this perfect deerhound chorus:

My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here;

My heart's in the Highlands a-chasing the deer;

A-chasing the wild-deer, and following the roe,

My heart's in the Highlands wherever I go.


Deerhounds were often kept with retrievers, as this painting by Van der Weyde.


The "Yellow Retriever" is named Robin, while the deerhound is called Wallace (another good name for Scottish dog).

Liz Palika

I'm so excited for you, Christie! Knock on wood! Fingers crossed! Prayers said!

Snoopys Friend

I hope you get your puppy Christie. Some years are like that just too terrible to think about and a new puppy can give hope as Sarah said. I know when my Snoopy died, now at the one year anniversary, having my new Dobie made life better. So, me and my family wish you the very best with a soon to be new Deerhound puppy.


Puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, Christie needs a puppy, Christie shall HAVE a puppy, make it so!

Carol V

May you be covered in puppy breath and sloppy kisses soon! It is definitely what you need going into the new year!!!


A puppy for Christie! I hope you'll be holding your new pup at the earliest possible second!

Original Lori

ooh a new Pet Connection Puppy...paws crossed. I've never seen a deerhound puppy.

Gina Spadafori

I can't wait! I'll be done there for a visit with my camera the weekend s/he comes home!


Is it too early to pick out a name?

Paula Pascoe

No pressure...


Gina Spadafori

No, none at all, Paula. Get our Christie a puppy!


Here's hoping that the light at the end of the tunnel comes from the sparkle of (fingers crossed) your new puppy's eyes.


Ooh, a puppy is special gift, and what a great way to start your new year! And such a perfect Valentine's Day (guessing you'll get the puppy near that time?) present, for someone who has lots of love to share. I envy you all the puppy breath!

Christie Keith

My guess is more like March -- but I'm not sure of the whelping date yet. I ideally like to get a puppy somewhere between 12-14 weeks. If the puppies come around a month from now, that means March.

Gina Spadafori

Exactly. The Deerhound is sitting where he can keep the "help" out of the house. :)


Retrievers-- definitely estate staff.

The deerhounds always remind me of Sherlock Holmes.


Because Sherlock Holmes always wore a deerstalker cap. http://www.beaconsociety.com/BeaconGraphix/Sherlock-Holmes%20deerstalker%202.jpg

Deerstalkers with hounds: http://images.easyart.com/i/prints/rw/en_easyart/lg/3/5/Deerstalkers-Returning--Restrike-Etching--Sir-Edwin-Henry--Landseer-35716.jpg


Deerhounds make me think of Vicki Hearne's story "A Distinct Impression of Diamonds".

Fingers double double crossed for puppy luck, Christie. I've whiled away many an hour sitting outside, watching the puppies romp through tall grass. It can almost always lower my blood pressure.

Anne T

This Fall, a woman brought her deerhound puppy to our LGRA club to start learning the sport of straight racing. The pup was maybe 8-9 months, far too young to do anything serious, but old enough to start. She wasn't muzzled or boxed, just hand slipped and raced maybe 100 yds. Her owner was thrilled because her girl is keen as a knife blade, tackling the lure with gusto! I'd not seen deerhounds running before. Beautiful. Their power and grace is awesome, so unlike their larger heffalump cousins. :)

I hope you get your puppy! May you and she/he have a long and bright future together!

Kim Thornton

Yay! I hope you have a puppy very soon. I can think of few things better for healing a hurt heart.

If Deerhounds are gentry and retrievers are estate staff, what are Cavaliers?

I am getting a cat fix here at my mother's. She has three very nice cats.


Oh, yes. Wishing a lovely, healthy puppy for you in the near future.


I'm very happy for you Christie, it's about time your luck changed for the better. Next year HAS to be better than this one for you.

Have you told the lovely Kyrie yet ?

Colorado Transplant

I know the puppy belonged to Gina but whose tail was it in the beautiful picture above?

My guess is it might be a cat's tail, but I can't be sure.

Christie Keith

Colorado, that's a deerhound puppy lying on his mommy's paw, not a Flat coat. :)

Christie Keith

Alison, I have told Kyrie. She said she's very experienced at beating up raising deerhound puppies to worship get along well with her.

Martha M.

The Cavaliers are in the nursery with the nanny, the nurse, and the three beautiful daughters of the lord of the manor.

Colorado Transplant

May you be blessed with wonderful puppy breath, Christie, to keep you and Kyrie good company this springtime in sunny California with a rainbow or two once in a while when it rains.

You will be busy, though, with the training, and that is a good busy, I think.


I am crossing my fingers that she is pregnant and you are blessed with a puppy. My best wishes and good luck! If your Huntly pup is half as nice as our Huntly baby, you will be thrilled and over the moon!

I hope my link works. This is Bailiewick:


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