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24 November 2009


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Colorado Transplant

I always wondered why the tennis balls made for dogs "stunk to high heaven". Poisoned coating, maybe?

What do I know? I am just a pet commentator.

Snoopys Friend

Oh Goodness for the first time I bought two doggie tennis balls this weekend, usually I use the people kind, so in the trash they will go. Good thing they only cost a couple of bucks.

Carol V

Yup..been saying since March 2007 that it wasn't a fluke that melamine and cyanuric acid was found in a Chinese "ingredient"...(I still wonder how long it might have been if the cyanuric acid was not involved -or broke down or whatever it was to cause the melamine cyanurate) and I also wonder if it was just a coinky-dinky that melamine showed up in baby formula not too long after...had to go somewhere right? and this I just read regarding one of the Chinese melamine victim's father.. http://www.hrichina.org/public/contents/press?revision_id=172424&item_id=172422


Another thing to keep in mind when keeping your pets away from toxins that a lot of people don't think of is that most wrapping papers are highly toxic, and you should take special precautions when allowing your pets to open their own presents. I know you can get pet-safe wrapping paper at Petco, that's about the only 100% safe solution that I've personally come up with.

Gina Spadafori

I can think of a "safe" solutions that don't involve spending money for special wrapping paper for pets, which is more than likely made in China anyway and as such, pretty damn suspect.

If you feel compelled to wrap a pet's gift, use newsprint or paper grocery bags, and don't let your pet eat the wrapping. Easy-peasy, and you don't have to spend on crap no one needs that's just more stuff to throw away.

Snoopys Friend

I like the idea of the grocery bag wrapping paper for our pet gifts and they can be prettied up too with your own Christmas Designs just in case a person wants something that looks a little more special under the tree. After all the dogs won't care much.


It's the "lead in the toys" that has me unrepentant at the grocery store, loading up on paper grocery bags as a dog toy. I take my own bags for places where they give out plastic bags, but Pepper really enjoys shredding a paper bag every night before we go to bed and considering that the paper bags don't have funny dyes on them (at least at my grocery store), it just seems a lot safer to let her shred paper bags than to buy her dog toys.


I agree with Dorene since it's common to dogs that they like shredding things around the house. It's safer to use paper bags and avoid plastic bags on your groceries. So be careful to organize anything and everything around the house. Anything made of plastic should be on its right place not accessible to our dogs in the house. Let's bring our own bags when buying groceries to avoid bring home plastic bags. This way, we are also helping the environment not just our dogs.

Mary Haight

Back in September, the Washington Toxics Coalition announced this report. Like most, I thought, "China...again." But Ivy Sager-Rosenthal of the Coalition said "We found it [toxics] in both American and foreign made products." There are other safety qualifiers lists in the post here http://www.dancingdogblog.com/2009/09/toxic-dog-toys-not-just-from-china/


Here's the page with searchable fields for specific toys or brands (upper righthand corner of page):


Jodi Eckardt

Very few dog items are made in the U.S., if any. Chinese made items will not go away. Toys, beds, crates, food ingredients, most all dog items and tons of human stuff. I buy human toys for my dogs. I always check the baby section at Thrift stores and also make sure that the label does not say "made in China". I also stuff old socks with old socks as toys. Socks can be bought for next to nothing at a thrift store. I also wash old tennis balls and stick them into a double wrapped sock. They love to grab it by the "tail" and fling it.


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