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14 October 2009


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Kyrie is Russian royalty - she needs boots and a toque to go with the rain coat.

Martha M

Nothing wrong with a nice dignified raincoat. In a nice dignified royal color.


No need to be ashamed! You're not the only one who obsesses over their dog's hair. Nothing wrong with making an already-beautiful dog look their best, imo.


I am honestly mystified as to what's supposed to be so shockingly shallow about putting a raincoat on a dog who doesn't like to get wet, or timing your walks as far as possible to the breaks in the deluge rather than the strongest points.

So deerhounds like rain and mud? Great! But if borzois generally, or just Kyrie in particular, don't, what's wrong with that? Truly.

(And if I've got a correct line on your deluge, going out in the height of it could be considered suicidal, no matter what deerhounds of your acquaintance may have said in the past. Or flatcoats, for that matter.)

Disclaimer: I may be especially lacking in humor tonight. :(

Phyllis DeGioia



Oh, please don't think that it somehow makes you into a primpy, prissy, silly chick to pamper a dog a bit. (I hope you don't consider the excellent care, food, and lodging as special pampering, as all your dogs got them, even the 'scruffy' deerhounds.)

I mean, really, Borzois ARE the gorgeous supermodels of the dog world (even when they're killing coyotes), and when you've put the effort into making her look fit for Anne Leibowitz to photograph, shoving her out to npotty in a downpour just makes no practical sense. Consider that you were being incredibly rational in timing her outings, and that we all need to have beaty in our lives, which she provides so well!

Kim Thornton

Well, who wouldn't want to avoid messing up the hair? It's a lot of work to get it to look good.

I wish I could talk my hairdresser into coloring my hair like Harper's chestnut.


My dogs refused to go out in the deluge yesterday by themselves. So I had to leash them up and march them around the yard until they were empty.

A drought does have certain advantages.

Christie Keith

Oh, Lis. Because those are just excuses. I didn't want to mess up her hair, LOL!


Oh, Lis. Because those are just excuses. I didn’t want to mess up her hair, LOL!

Christie. Please tell me that you are not suggesting that messing up a girl's hair is not important just because she's of the canine persuasion!

Please. Say you don't mean that. :)

Colorado Transplant

I been thinkin' bout dying my hair black to match my two black cats. Just thinkin', but not actually doin'.

My cats shun the rain, and of course, they feel the kitty litter box is fine, thank you.

Liz Palika

Okay, Christie, all of these readers are telling you that's okay to put a raincoat on your dog....and I suppose for a gorgeous girl Borzoi, it's fine...sigh....

My Aussies and I went out to play in the rain! Of course, we didn't get nearly as much as you did, but we went sans raincoat, sans booties, and sans any other protective gear! We got wet and we loved it! smile....


There *is* a bona-fide pragmatic angle: a dry dog smells better than a wet one.

Gina Spadafori

You forget, Christie: I ALSO share my life with Drew, who is utterly beautiful and DOES have a raincoat.

Sure, the 'trievers think you're nuts and Ms. Kyrie is missing a lot of good rain and mud, but Drew wants to come live with you.



Addy says: "Herding dogs. *sniff* They probably like mud, too."


Comment by Gina Spadafori — October 16, 2009 @ 6:30 am

Sure, the ‘trievers think you’re nuts and Ms. Kyrie is missing a lot of good rain and mud, but Drew wants to come live with you.

SPEW ALERT! Ya' wanna' come clean the coffee off my moniter screen now?

Too funny!

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