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24 October 2009


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Kate M

I can say that I happily live in Calgary. I have lived here for almost my entire life and have had dogs for 7.5 years. I didn't even know some of the stuff mentioned, like not charging rescues to take dogs and contacting breeders if one of their dogs comes in.

I have never had to deal with animal services personally (other than getting my dogs licenced), but it is good to know that as long as they have their tags on, they will come back, and fairly quickly too.

They are a little behind on providing low cost spay/neuter. The clinic to do it was completed a few months ago. Before they would send the dogs and cats to local vets to do the procedure and the adopter would pick up from the vet.

It is nice to know that Calgary is a city that other cities look to when trying to better their animal control policies.

Fran C.

I am from Ontario where Michael Bryant and the Liberals whipped BSL in and where so many dog owners are NOW 2nd class citizens living in fear of their short haired medium sized dogs.

What did the Liberals do here? They ignored Calgary's success and wouldn't even let Bill Bruce speak at the debates. Instead Bryant listened to Kory Nelson from Denver and they brought up dog killer Tom Skelton to testify and then under a majority government WHIPPED the vote. We have been living with a DISASTER and the mass slaughter of Mutts since.

In the meantime even the local papers in Denver have been calling for the resignation of Skelton to no avail. Petitions to get Skelton fired are ignored and the KILLING spree continues for thousands of innocent dogs.

Breaks my heart.

denise harkins

Wish we could have someof this success in Oshawa... what we have is a 97% euthanasia rate of cats.

mary frances

Just wondering why with such good no kill statistics, Calgary is not referred to more for its success - or maybe it is and am just not aware -

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