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24 October 2009


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Thanks very much for blogging this conference for those of us who can't attend. I'm with a very small rescue group - and we can use all the advice we can get!

I've already ordered the book that was recommended (Which I believe is actually "In Search of Excellence). I'd love to forward these posts to my other board members, but don't see any button to forward them. Am I overlooking something?

Gina Spadafori

You can click on the social media buttons at the end of any post and put it up on facebook, twitter, etc.

Otherwise, just click on the title, and then cut and past the URL into your e-mail. :)


"Says some people come apply for jobs in shelters, and you ask why they want to work with animals: “Because I hate peple.”

Oye Ve! This is waaayyy to common. These people are often on a power trip as well - forcing potential adopters to jump thru hoops to adopt an animal or worse yet, denying them for arbitrary reasons. To reach No Kill as a nation these people will have to GO!

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