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25 October 2009


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Gina Spadafori

Bonney will be featured in a week, in the Parade magazine article Dr. Becker and I did on choosing a cat. The editor at Parade wrote one of the best headlines ever:

"The perfect cat for you may not be the perfect cat."

I love it, and I so enjoyed talking to Bonney for the article.

Mary Mary


I don't understand what happened ... did you give Tippy back to the groomer? And why didn't the breeder find him a home instead of a groomer?

I understand the pain of not being able to do everything you want to for an animal.


Puppy pulling on your heart strings

Yesterday I had to make another heart renching decision, a decision that if I had the money and the available time to hold him close, coddle him love him and help my puppy until he was able to walk again I would have.

Tippy Tulips was his name, six months ago almost to the day Tippy came into our lives. While picking up my other pup from the groomers I see this little black head hanging out of an open door dog kennel at the groomers and I ask as we all do how cute is he. The groomer replies would you like to hold him and of course I would who wouldn’t. She tells us that he just arrived from the breeder but that he only has three legs, he was born that way. He was so cute and adorable how can you resist. She also told me that he was brought to her so that he might be able to find a loving home.

I proceed to call my other half my (Honey) to see if he was interested in parenting a new puppy.

Puppies are a lot of work from house training to teething to obedience, playfulness and out of all the hours and attention every waking hour your watching to make sure they don’t get into this and they don’t eat that or bite that or chew on this or that. You buy them bones because there teeth are hurting while they are coming in, and stuff toys with little rattles in them because you smile when you hear the rattle from the other room because you know what they are doing and they are safe.

But every day you wake up sometimes before dawn and Tippy had this way about him. He was sleeping in his crate and he didn’t bark or scratch his cage he made a little shy or a hum so low and slighting just to let you know he was ready to start his day. And every morning I would let him shy hummmm and say come on mom I am ready to start my day.

I get up and put on my robe open his cage and he would wag his tail and it’s a new day, I would say come on Tippy lets go out. I made it exciting to work our way thru the bedroom thru the bathroom, thru the hall way, thru the kitchen to the back door trying to keep him excited to go out and not stop along the way and have an accident. This was my morning every morning. I started every morning with his excitement.

This morning is a morning of calmness, no Tippy no tail hitting the side of his cage, no running thru the house to make it to the door to turn on the switch turning on the light and letting him to the outside world.

Tangi Adopt A Rescue - Joni

So much great ideas have been shared here. Thank you so much!

H. Houlahan

Christie --

Will you be publishing a summary of the conference that pulls it all together and offers some analysis?

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