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20 September 2009


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They remind me of Rebel, but don't really look like him. Isn't that odd? Your mom looked really happy that day. Good memory.


Beautiful! I'm so glad she had so much joy that day and what a wonderful memory for you to hold on to.


I'm so glad she had a good day that day, and that you have a good memory in the midst of the hellish ones. Cherish that memory!


I'm not ashamed to admit that the very last part of your post brought me to tears. I hope she's keeping my mom company with all my dearly departed labradors.
I am so happy that your mom got to experience something that put so much joy in her heart amidst all she went through. Much love to you! :)

Barb Bristol

I'm so, so sorry about your mom Christie... sorry that she and you went through so much absolute hell these past weeks and months. But I'm glad that now she is out of her pain, and is well and whole and reunited with her loved ones (of course that includes her beloved dogs).

Thank you so much for writing about your experience with her illness, and with the craptastic disaster that is our health care system. I can imagine that at times it was every bit as difficult to write about as it had been to live through, but your experiences and insight will provide a lot of help and comfort to others going through a similar situation.

Peace to you and your family,



What a wonderful memory to hold in your heart. You have so many friends and Cecilia is right at the top of the list I sure.



Christie -
Having lost 2 good friends to breast cancer, father to ALS, and losing another friend to ALS and another to pancreatic cancer soon - - I understand and sympathize with you.
YES - I hope my mother is also at the Rainbow Bridge with my pups. I just lost a darling little one at 5 weeks. He tried so hard to stay with me.

Remember - all we have in the end is our memories! That's what life is all about!!
Let's KEEP our dogs in our memories and those of our grandchildren. They deserve that legacy!!!!

Emily~ DreamEyce

Beautiful story, and really made me tear up. I'm so sorry for your loss, but know how blessed your family has been to have such a wonderful friend, as well as wonderful dogs in your lives.

Dogs aren't our whole lives, but they make our lives whole. Much love headed your way. Stay strong.

Linda Hobbet

Dear Christie, It's been awhile since I've visited your blog so I'm afraid this is very late. Nevertheless, I know from my own experience that you are still missing your Mom, so I hope you will accept my condolences for you loss. I'm so glad she (and you) had her heart lifted by a Deerhound visit in her last days.

I also heard you are anticipating a new Deerhound soon. I wish you great joy with him/her and I'm sure the puppy will help you remember the good times you shared with your Mom and your mutual enthusiasm for the breed.

Likewise I will soon be adding my next Airedale to the family.

Best wishes,
Linda Hobbet

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