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02 September 2009


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Ark Lady

It is sad that many people do not plan ahead for disasters.

Often plans that include evac prep for 50 and 100 miles away seem like they are unreasonable until you face the situation.

Again, get your Animal Disaster Preparedness Guide while it is still available at no charge...and tell a friend.

This is a great point. Thank you for bringing up the need for emergency plans that include pets. Unfortunately, each year too many pet owners face the dilemma of either leaving their pets behind or remaining in harm's way. For more information on how to better prepare for if disaster strikes, check out the Petfinder website, or the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Original Lori

I went to Fido Festival USA this weekend and got a pamphlet about a place in NJ call Seer Farms. They will keep a pet at the farm while the owners get back on their feet from anything, hospitalization, economic hardship. When they're better, they get the pet back.

Seems like a WONDERFUL idea if they can keep funding. I plan on getting a bunch of stuff together for them. They need collars, pet food, blankets, etc. Or cash donations.

Original Lori

Sorry that was a bit OT, I was thinking in terms of if you were affected by a disaster.

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