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13 September 2009


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Oh, god...please update later if you can!!!


Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts, and praying everything is OK for both of you :(


Oh fucking shit! I thought I'd see if you'd posted an update on your mum here since I talked to you the other day and I'm so saddened to find these last two posts.

Hang in there darling. I'm thinking of you and hoping for the best.

Lisa in Cape May County, NJ


There's not much I can say, other than that my thoughts are with you. I check here and the blog at PetConnection often, looking for news of you and of your mother. I've been in your shoes, and know how lonely they can feel.

Every good wish--
Lisa in cape May County, NJ


I was hoping you would update news about your mother. I had breast cancer, chemo, surgeries, Femara (still) -- and also sat with my parents as they were hospitalized with serious illness. Watching a beloved parent suffer is far worse than anything.

I think your mom raised you to have the heart of a warrior.


Sending you, your mom & the rest of your family much, much love.

Mallory Kates

This is sounding like just too-too much suffering for a woman who must be possessed by greatness. Un-great women don't usually raise daughters who have such a solid truth line running through them not to mention such courage. I'm sure you know that many cannot stay the course that you are staying. So, I am just another stranger wishing to reach out and offer comfort despite knowing that you are both possibly beyond that. This is a terrible, terrifying story. If it can happen to a woman with a daughter like you - informed, present, non inflammatory and most likely not annoying, it can happen to anyone. And does. All too often.

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