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18 September 2009


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((((hugs and love))) I have sat here 5 mins and I can't find another word to write, there just are none. Except I love you.


Christie, loving you and your family. There are no words, really, but to be aware that this is at once the most beautiful and also the saddest experience we humans have.


Oh Christie,

I've been following this and my heart is breaking for you all. It's never easy to think about having to make those arrangements for a loved one and to face losing them. Hugs to you all and I'll keep you in my thoughts.

jeff barringer

I am so sad for you.


You and your Mom look very much alike. Same as my Mom and me. All good thoughts for you and your family...


thank you for posting your mom's pic w/ the dogs. my words at this time are pitiful tools. not sure that you are able to take comfort from those of us that are holding you in our hearts but we'll keep sending all the loving energy we can muster.


I'm crying for both of us. ((Christie))
As hard as it may be, tell her it is ok to go.


I have a confused rhodie outside my office window with two pink blossoms.

All my love to you and your mother.


Susan's right and it is terribly, terribly hard. Let her know you'll be OK, because you will.


Love to you.

Liz Palika

Oh, Christie, I am so sorry.

Hug your Mom and, as Susan said, tell her it's okay to leave.

Then let your brothers help comfort you as you comfort them.


I can only repeat ... {{{{{ Christie and Kathleen }}}}}


I'm so sorry.



Christie, I'm so sorry. It sounds like your family is doing the best thing possible to make this peaceful and loving for your mother. Hugs.


I have been following and thining about you and your Mom. xx


There is no more to say, just tears for your Mom and all her family.



Someone mentioned how much you and your mom look alike. I realized that when I saw pics of her and you when you were a kid. I am so glad that I got to meet her before all this happened. She is a funny, gracious woman.

I love you. That is all.

Gina Spadafori

Much love to you, Christie, and strength to you all at this time. I can't believe we are going through so much the same in just a few months time. So much loss.



I'm so sorry Christie. I'll be thinking of you and your family.


Sending you, your mom and your brothers love.


(((((Christie and Kathleen))))



My thoughts are with you and your entire family Christie. There are a million things to say and yet no words are adequate.

Instead, just sending you positive energy.


Every single day, you and your brothers are making your mother prouder & prouder. You've handled things w/much more love and dignity than could be expected. We're thinking of you...

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