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09 August 2009


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Oh, the snark!! Honestly Christie, you're surprised you have politicians following you on Twitter? ;O) I'm surprised they're not joined by standup comedians and professional roasters...

I wish we could bottle it... Snark! - by CK!

Keri Kirkpatrick

I think it is kind of hilarious that Mr. Nelson accuses those of us who are urging municipalities to use common sense and actual, factual information regarding dog behavior, bites and fatalities, when crafting their laws of being driven purely by emotion. I mean really, all this time I thought that was what the other side was doing! And for the record, Mr. Nelson, I am both a dog attack survivor, and an opponent of BSL. It is possible to be both, once you realize what factors are really important in causing, and avoiding, dog attacks. Anyone who is really concerned with public safety and understands the facts will not support BSL in any form.


Whatever the truth of the Murder Hollow story, it is absolutely true that in Denver jackbooted storm troopers come to people's houses and take away their perfectly innocent dogs. Rarely are any of those dogs given the chance to go to nice caring rescues. Denver has killed thousands of non-trouble-causing animals they call "pit bulls" over the last few years.

selwyn marock

The only place K. Nelson belongs is behind bars,

What did Michael Vick do that is worse than this slug's behaviour.

His mission in life is spreading Hate.


Anne T

Reading this about Korey Nelson and his search for seditious dog owners seeking to undermine BSL among Yahoo groups, it's no wonder so many dog people have swallowed one side of the Murder Hollow basset story so readily! The blackshirts are Out There and they are real! Possibly there were none involved in the Willard debacle, but that doesn't make the threat to dog ownership any less when confronted with the likes of Nutcase Nelson.

Eric Goebelbecker

"Third most animal control organizations tasked with duties on behalf of local government take a position against BSL."

And the last thing we want to do is listen to animal control organizations when it comes to laws regulating animal control. That would be like...the farmers guarding the hen house!

Sandi K

Geesh, he makes us all sound so scarey, Im even afraid of myself now....really though, can i just say....this guy sounds like he might be off his meds. I can assure him Im not funded by any questionable funding source for all the donations I make, my mostly empty wallet is open to anyone who wants to look...and most of all to most animal causes that are in need of help...


The sad thing is that his bosses undoubtedly approve of his shenanigans. Kory has also been lecturing around the country on how to use the principle of "home rule" to circumvent state laws against BSL.. it's "home rule" that has allowed almost all jurisdictions in Colorado that want BSL to pass it (e.g. Aurora) AFTER the state law.

Kind of makes you wonder what the purpose of state laws is...


I agree with you Gina, but it is certainly true that we have seen pit bull hating authority figures who own biting dogs.

Gina Spadafori

I recall scuttlebutt that Nelson reportedly had ...

Comment by Social Mange — August 17, 2009

Cough up a citation before you post this sort of thing.

"Scuttlebutt" and "reportedly" are BS terms. Find and report what you know and can support. Otherwise, you're no better than those who engage in anonymous Internet lie-forwarding.

Social Mange

Said it before, I'll say it again. Any government employee using government stationery (and possibly time) for SELF-PROMOTION and promotion of a personal agenda should be fired.

Denver taxpayers should be asking whether this is an appropriate use of their tax dollars. Is this included in the government employee's job description?

Oddest thing....I recall scuttlebutt that Nelson reportedly had a German Shepherd that terrified his neighbours. Howcum GSDs aren't seized and killed in Denver, huh huh huh???

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