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29 August 2009


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At the risk of repeating myself, my mom was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer at the end of last December, and she was gone by the end of April. I am sending my best positive thoughts to you and your mom that she responds well to treatment. I was not in your shoes, as a caregiver; there was some frustration to not having input, but my sister truly had the worst of all worlds, trying to care for my mom and having my dad ride mom's coat-tails, and dealing with almost every one of the symptoms and conditions you described. (UTIs, constipation, refusal to eat, weakness). I wish I could give you a big hug. And yes, if I wasn't on the other coast I would bring my doggies over there in a heartbeat, though they are about as un-deerhoundlike as dogs come. My Frenchie loooves to snuggle. I don't know what I can do from here but if you ever want to talk to someone who has been in similar shoes, shoot me an email or face book message.


I'm with you on puppy fever. My husband and I are finally getting to a point in our newlywed lives where finances are evening out, we're not out of the house 14 hours a day, and we're making plans to buy our own house. My husband jokes that I don't want *A* dog, I want EVERY dog. Sending hugs for you and your mom- being a caregiver for an ailing parent is so hard, please take every advantage to step outside that "bubble" that you possibly can.


I have neither the time nor the energy to make my own dog food. Right now I'm feeding my little Tucker, Kumpi which is supposed to be all natural and is made by a woman here in the Denver area. I've since heard, that while it's okay, there are better options. Do you know of a good brand of dog food for small (about 10 lbs) dogs?


I feel your pain. It's virtually impossible to force anyone to eat. I'm in the same boat with trying to get my mother to eat. If you're considering supplements wander in the hospital side of UCSF and ask someone for a sample of TWO CAL HN made by Ross...it's like Ensure but you get twice the kick in KCal and Protein. The other option if your mother dislikes "milky-type" stuff is Promod also made by Ross. It's superconcentrated fruit punch try not to dilute it more than you need otherwise it defeats the purpose of buying it. It is $$$ but I've had some success with getting it consumed and improved labs/weight over 3 wks with 3-4 oz/day. Another option which is a powder is SCANDISHAKE...good luck.
oh yeah and remember borrowing/visiting puppies may hold off your fix for while.


I just shudder to think of how long your mom endured such pain. I also can relate to how you feel about caregiver sites. I care for a mom with Alzheimer's and the major listserv can be helpful, but also includes lots of what feels to me like bossy advice, so I don't tune in often. I am sorry you lost Rebel in the midst of all of this. I am sorry your family is having such a difficult time. Just want you to know there is a caring reader out here, though I am late in catching up on all of this.

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