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07 August 2009


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Sending you much love. Hail & Farewell to Rebel.


Safe journey, Rebel. Hugs, Christie.


I'm so sorry, Christie. Blessings to you and Rebel.



Condolences and love... sorry to hear.



Christie, I am so, so sorry for your loss.


I'm so sorry, Christie. You are in my thoughts.


Oh Christie, I'm so sorry! Love is forever. Happy runnings up there Rebel.

Ark Lady

Christie, I am so sad that the time came to part for you and Rebel.

The worst days of my life have been was the euthanasia of my beloved pets.

Take some time for yourself and I hope you find those happy memories and thoughts filling your head in between the grief.


No words. Will talk later.


Oh, Christie, I'm so sorry. Sending you and Kyrie and dear departed Rebel love and light.


I'm so sorry, Christie! I know the heartache all too well.

Like Lori said, Happy runnings, Rebel!

Nairn Galvin

"BLESSING FOR THE SOUL'S RELEASE (from Caitlin Matthews' Celtic Devotional)

You go home this night to your home of Winter,
To your home of Autumn, of Spring, and of Summer;
You go home this night to your lasting home,
To your eternal bed, to your sound sleeping.

Sleep now, sleep, and so fade sorrow,
Sleep now, sleep, and so fade sorrow,
Sleep now, sleep, and so fade sorrow,
Sleep, my beloved, in the rock of the fold.

The sleep of seven lights upon you, my dear,
The sleep of seven joys upon you, my dear.
The sleep of seven slumbers upon you, my dear.

Sleep, oh sleep in the quiet of quietness,
Sleep, oh sleep in the way of guidance,
Sleep, oh sleep in the love of all loving."

My deepest sympathies, Christie.

Barbara Saunders

What a beautiful dog. I'm so sorry.


I am so very sorry. I'll be around all weekend if you need to cry. Love you!


I'm so so sorry.


My heart breaks for you, Christie. Much hugs and comfort to you.

Billie Zinser

Christie, I am so sorry, we all experience your loss.
Billie Zinser


Oh Christie -- I'm so sorry. That inner voice that told me to check your Blog should not have said this.

May he run free and full of joy.

Hugs, Girl; huge hugs, to you and yours.


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