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08 August 2009


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Over the past 3+ years that I've been coming to your house, I don't think I ever even NOTICED your effing trash cans!! Seriously! I love it when the State Of California gets on their revenue kick. The cops pull you over for no good reason, the city decides to enforce some heretofore unknown law...and seriously, if the city of San Francisco wants to beautify itself, they can follow me down to the Tenderloin, or along Broadway to clean up the trash. There's miles of roadside dandruff to keep them busy for a year, at least.


Well, the cans weren't outside before, we moved them out when my mom had to get a hospital bed and some other equipment... the room in the garage is being taken up by her displaced furniture. But nonetheless...


Idiots with not enough to do.


They would probably make you wait in line for a day to pay big bucks for a permit to build an acceptable enclosure - after they made you wait 90 days with a public notice posted out front in case any of your neighbors wanted to say no to your application to build said acceptable enclosure.

Ark Lady

LOL I remember when I lived in a town home. Four animal trainers living under one roof...

We'd leave out boots out on the porch when we came home for lunch...those combined with the trash cans (out back all day after pickup because we, uh, worked) got a visit from what we called "condo patrol."

I told the guy if the trash cans bugged him too much that he could move them back himself.

Never had a problem after that.

Never mess with wild animal trainers...

It would be better if the state (filtered down to cities) would get it together to stop wasting money on policing (and mailing) such notices and concentrate on more pressing issues.

Brainstorming for new revenue generating income streams is one good task they should focus on!


Like there's not enough going on in your life right now.........sigh.

Code enforcement, the new way to try to squeeze you into that box.

In FL our community cites you for mildew on your house.........thought about having some faux mildew painted on after I got the lichens and algae (no mildew) scrubbed off. Piss on em.

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