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21 August 2009


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Gina Spadafori

I think they read your blog post and changed course. :)

Also, Pet Connection BFF Dr. Patty Khuly writes on the subject of Sick Vick in today's USA Today.

Janet Boss

A local story of a guy who killed his SO's little dog to "punish" the SO for caring more about the dog, got *3 years* in jail. Meanwhile, MV gets 18 months, serves less, and gets to go back to the NFL? Amazing.

Susan Fox

Better late than never, I guess. Good for them.


I'm glad they spoke out. It could be they delayed a bit to see where he really stood in the remorse and compassion dept

"We are simply not convinced that Mr. Vick has demonstrated compassion toward animals as living beings or the necessary remorse for his criminal actions against them."

I wasn't buying his act but felt he really lost it when he referred to his actions/dog fighting as a "pointless activity". WTF?! Guess he went off script a bit. . . .

Christie Keith

I don't agree, Anne. They made previous statements, one of which I linked to right up there, that were exactly as lame as the other organizations'.

Anne T

Of all the major organizations, ASPCA in spite of their exposure on AP or maybe because of it, seems the least offensive of the 3. There seems to be a genuine interest in the animals, and working with the owners whenever possible to accomplish a favorable outcome for whatever motive. You don't see the ASPCA running ads equating fat women, whales and becoming vegan.

I don't think their statement about Vick was late, I think it was thoughtful and effectively timed. They weighed the evidence, waited for the immediate sound bites to die down, and came out wit the strongest statement of the big names to date, bringing the Vick issue back into the blog/forum/list spotlight.

Susan Fox

I've seen some dog fight video on one of the animal cops shows and agree some footage should be prominently posted.

I don't think most people, including the apologist sports nuts, have any idea what really goes on in a staged dog fight. They probably think it's like if two dogs get into it at a dog park. It happens. Big deal.



It's a whole world better than their first lame-butt effort. But I am so freaking tired of the "it's just an animal"..."they're just dogs" attitude Vick apologists are copping, that if there is gruesome evidence, the ASPCA should post it. For once, take a page out of PETA's handbook. Publish the blood and the gore. The vast majority of these jerks have never seen a dogfight and couldn't stomach one. They should have a look.

Our Pack

Thanks so much for posting our Leo's best pic with his clown collar! We are so proud of him! He's a good ole soul.

Here's what Our Pack had to say when Vick was reinstated.



I agree with Susan on this one. Publish the gore. For once, it won't be gratuitous, but a glaring light shining on this intentional, malicious evil that was engaged in by a heartless, cruel person who does not deserve to be called a man. Let the ugliness of his acts burn itself into the minds of everyone who sees them so they can't allow his lame-ass "apologies" to cover them up. The ONLY two things Vick is sorry for are that he got caught and that he had to serve jail time. He is scum of the lowest kind. And shame on all the people and organizations that are buying into his act and supporting him in this very public fraud. I'd like to put them ALL in a cage, naked and smeared with gravy, and let a pack of hungry pit bulls loose on their sorry selves. No mercy for those who show none.


Seems to me that IF Vick is a changed man (and I sincerely doubt that) then his first "mission" would be to address those in Philadelphia who are doing horrific things to pitties (from BadRap) and speak out to those who are torturing and killing dogs. Haven't heard a word from him, though . . . guess MV is too busy giving interviews and working with his media coaches. This whole thing is just so, so wrong.


ETA - I meant that I read about the torture on BadRap, not that they are dogs from BadRap. Sorry if I was not clear.

Sara Jo

I'm still reeling about how fast it was for Vick to get reinstated and then sign a contract with a major NFL team once he got out. Even my husband, a big NFL football fan and a season-ticket holder for the Atlanta Falcons, thought he would have trouble getting a contract with an NFL team. Boy, he was wrong.

Before seeing the 60 Minutes interview, I wondered if they would also have some folks on who saw and processed the evidence of Michael Vick's operation first hand so that that could be shared with the public as well. I was profoundly disappointed, of course. It was all about Vick and only Vick and almost nothing about the unspeakable cruelty that he perpetrated.


Michael Vick is a criminal--pure and simple. He has been schooled to say the right things to convince the public that he is a changed man. It is an insult to our intelligence. Let him put his money where his mouth is. Let him hire lobbyists to bombard Washington to create and pass laws that make puppy mills illegal and subject their owners to felony charges with mandatory prison sentences. I doubt if he will ever do this!!!

Original Lori

Protesters will be at the Eagles Jaguar game tonight


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