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18 July 2009


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I grew up on Walter. I loved his voice, the way he seemed to explain rather than just report. In these days of cable celebrities, real reporting has taken a back seat to theatrical posturing and bloviation. Sad. I'll bet Cronkite hated Bill O'Reilly.

It's funny. I was thinking about the moon landing conspiracy theorists. Walter Cronkite told me, a 7 year old little girl, that a man had landed on the moon. And then he smiled. I believed him, and ran out of the house to see if I could see them. Because if he said it happened, it did. I still believe it.

Ark Lady

Well said, I am so sick of "anchors" who try to be amusing and give their own commentary versus actually reporting--never mind focusing on small, local issues instead of giving a global overview or focusing on hard news topics.

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