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14 July 2009


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Gawd, Judie running one of Lightbulbs plays, or Loyd was running one of Judie's?

Does not matter, would not trust her if she said rain was wet.

I cannot make it tomorrow, but will be there in spirit, and in the form of a lot of calls and faxes from myself, friends and family.

Most of us really angry, lifelong democrats as well as loving pet owners btw if any of our Assembly Or senate leadership happens to be reading.

Geraldine Clarke

Mancuso issued a statement earlier today, saying that SB250 would be put into suspense and wouldn't be voted on until August. I don't know if that was another dirty trick of hers to keep people from showing up to oppose it or whether things really did change during the day but, at 5 pm, the office of the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee confirmed that it WOULD be heard tomorrow (Wednesday 7/15.) If you can possibly make it, please show up at the Capitol, Room 4202, before 9 am so we can try to kill this thing once and for all.

Gina Spadafori

On the other hand, I can think of uses of spay-neuter as punishment, just not for pets. Still waiting for a state budget in Sacramento ... maybe a threat of altering would help?


Well heck - if Sotomayer can threaten it, so can we!



I'm greatly relieved that the bill was suspended. I wish someone would euthanize these MSN efforts and put them out of our misery once and for all.


It can be brought out of suspense at the request of it's author if the committee agrees that the author has either satisfied the committees concerns or they deem it to be important in spite of cost


Supporters tell me SB250 will be brought up again to the committee the second half of August - is that propaganda or can they resurrect it?

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